Get Married With A Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Ring

The title states it all and is very appropriate due to the widespread use of the sterling silver celtic knot ring for wedding rings.  The design’s popularity and the use of silver has some historical significance, in Ireland, to be specific. Nothing can be more fascinating than a thing of beauty and substance, which makes the ring so popular among those who are ready to commit to love and cherish always.According to writings, it all began in the 7th century and initially came out as an artform for the monks of this time. It then evolved into an expression of love and strength.  Today, the sterling silver celtic knot ring represents eternal love. Amazingly, by just taking a close look, you appear to see where it starts or end. It just flows endlessly, each one is aspiring for in marriage.The sterling silver celtic knot ring is also called a “forget me not ring”. The ring’s design symbolizes eternal love, which means love even beyond the grave.  It may be creepy? Not at all, people who are romantically inclined actually toy with the idea of keeping the relationship intact forever. It doesn’t mean living with a dead loved one but more of having him/her eternally remembered. Donning a “forget me not ring” keeps memories of your loved ones alive.Nothing can express love and dedication better other than a sterling silver celtic knot ring, and internalizing on what the design connotes: a commitment to love endlessly, a promise to cherish and to hold true to your pledge of loyalty to the person you are tying the knot with. Words are not necessary to express endless love. It’s no mystery why it is one of the designs of choice for wedding rings. Check out Posts:Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia RingsTiffany Replica RingsSterling Silver CZ RingsTiffany Knock Offs

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