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Sterling Silver CZ Jewelry For Any Occasion

Sterling silver jewelries have been around us for as long as women discovered the beauty of accessorizing. Jewelries cast in silver were discovered in ancient tombs and old living grounds, proving that our ancestors have put much recognition and value to this metal.  At present, we experience the elegant silver made even more beautiful with cubic zirconia gems. We call these sterling silver cz jewelry and they come in different styles and colors. You can always be sure to find one perfect for any affair.Sterling silver cz jewelry can be worn with any outfit. It’s a great accessory for both formal or casual affairs. You just need to know which piece looks good with which outfit. The best advice in choosing the appropriate accessory to don is look for what’s comfortable and complements your getup instead of making it the center of attention. The objective of wearing jewelries is to enhance your dress and make you look more elegant, but this is only possible if you don’t overdo it and you do it properly.Special events like nuptials and debuts need accessories that gives the aura of style and elegance. The best choice would be sterling silver jewelry that come in sets and are decorated in pearls and stones. Gems can really be costly and it is really fortunate that sterling silver cz jewelry, an alternative for ultra expensive stones can be had at a very affordable price. Its looks are just as astounding and can stand on its own when placed beside the authentic designer jewelries. The workmanship is undeniably at par and it is comforting to know that any design you find in the designer jewelry lines can be reproduced in sterling silver jewelry.Daytime casual affairs like luncheon meeting with old classmates or the recognition day event at your child’s school, call for lighter and more simplistic jewelry designs. Plain sterling silver jewelry or sterling silver cz jewelry with only small stones or single medium sized stones are most appropriate for these functions. Again, you must match it with your outfit. If you are wearing very casual jeans then small and clean designs will be your finest choice for accessories. A sundress or a skirt and blouse will let you get away with wearing something more elaborate.You are basically assured that regardless of the occasion finding a sterling silver cz jewelry that will go with your budget, dress and personality will not be that difficult.  With sterling silver, you have unlimited choices to choose from. With its very low price, any pattern and style you want can be yours.Sterling silver cz jewelry is appropriate for any occasion. It comes in a variety of styles than you can imagine. To see all the available designs, please drop by and choose your desired accessory without the fear of overspending.By Mike Cooke

A Guide to Replica Designer Jewelry

By Mike CookeA lot of people desire to own costly designer jewelry but can’t afford them. There are means to achieve the look of a fashionista adorned in fine designer jewelries without having to spend a lot. A very good option is to buy replica designer jewelry. Its look and feel is very much like an original designer piece but the price is quite low that it comes as a pleasant surprise. More often you can find this jewelry in a sterling silver shop and it is just a matter of finding the shop which you are comfortable to deal with.Always exercise due diligence when purchasing a replica designer jewelry. Make sure that you only buy from reputable sellers to ensure you only get high quality replicas. When you get to choose carefully no one will be able to distinguish that you are donning just a replica and that you paid a fraction of what real designer jewelries cost. If the craftsmanship of the sterling jewelry is excellent then it will most likely appear exactly the same as the original and no one will be wiser.Before making the purchase it is a good idea to look around and find reputable stores that sell good quality sterling silver jewelry. Some stores will claim that they only carry replica designer jewelry but when you look at them they are nothing more than cheap imitation with very bad workmanship and low silver quality. So before making that decision, go thru several stores to compare quality and prices. You can also look at online shops that carry the designer jewelry of your choice, just make sure these are e-stores that have no bad record.What are the things you should look for when choosing your sterling silver replica designer jewelry? Quality of the workmanship, always examine the lines and flow of the gem, and look for the smooth and shiny finish? Ensure there are no overhangs that will make a jewelry have that ugly unpolished look. Overhangs make you look cheap and can even destroy and damage your dress. Check out the color and texture, the darker the color the lower the silver content. We need to go for 92.5% silver content, but always make a visual inspection and don’t rely on the 925 item tag, anyone can do that, make sure the color is just as it should be.Finally, for points of comparison try to look at the original items from designer’s website. Pick the items you would like to buy and memorize the overall look and feel, so it will come handy when you want to buy your replica designer jewelry. Take note of small things like clasps, and position of engraved brand names or designs and conduct an ocular comparison with the replica you are wanting to purchase.Replica designer jewelry is an ideal substitute to purchasing designer jewelries. They look just as good but are priced at a fraction of the original designer jewelries. is an established ecommerce store that you can always check out for your favorite sterling silver jewelries.

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Jewelry – Choose The Perfect Stone

By Mike CookeIf you are the type who continuously collects a sterling silver zirconia jewelry stone to add into your collection then you could be somebody who wants a jewelry with a lot of flash and glitter. There are several things that you need to seriously consider before making the purchase: like matching it to your existing jewelry pieces; the size of the CZ stone that will look best on you; the cut and color of the gemstone; the style matching your personality and of course the cost. This article discusses the main considerations when choosing sterling silver cubic zirconia jewelry.The ShapeThis is very important due to the fact that the stone in your sterling silver zirconia jewelry will be the focus of attention when people notice it. The cut also influences the general appearance of the sterling silver jewelry. Ensure that the the shape is in harmony with the design of the base. An intricately designed filigreed piece will not look good with an equally complex cut stone. For this type of designs you can have small round cut stone and strategically place them for a balanced look. However round cut stones will look boring if matched with a plain band ring. For such instances a more flamboyant cut like the rosette or the trapezoid is going to look extraordinary.The ColorAnother important thing to consider when selecting your sterling silver zirconia jewelry is the color of the stone.  Everyone agrees, the white splendor of the diamond is unmatched and it is just great that you can always have a replica in cubic zirconia with all the brilliance and sparkle less the huge expense of course. Cubic zirconia can also come in a variety of exciting colors, and in various shades too. It can be a clear blue like a baby’s eyes or deep and dark like the ocean at night. It can also mimic the actual color of any chosen gem with shades that range from the lightest to the darkest, since cubic zirconia is created in laboratories there is no boundary in the available colors to choose from.The PricePrice is the best selling point of sterling silver cubic zirconia jewelry.  If you compare the price of a white cubic zirconia to a diamond the price difference could be an astounding 98%. The difference in price does not translate proportionately in the appearance department. In fact they are so much alike that only a trained gemologist will be able to tell them apart, and there are times they require viewing instruments to tell which is which. Of course, the price of cubic zirconia varies depending on the size, cut and color.Looking for a perfect sterling silver cubic zirconia jewelry to add to your collection? Visit and dazzle your eyes with dozens of excellently crafted sterling silver jewelries.

Sterling Silver Necklaces – Its Blackening And Causes

By Mike CookeOne of my passions is silver jewelries and I own a collection of them. It all started when I was in high school, around 10 years ago, when I had this penchant to buy these jewelries. I have sterling silver necklaces that I rarely wear because the styles had become outdated so I stored them in a  jewelry box in my room for safekeeping. To my dismay, when I opened them out last week, I had the biggest surprise of my life.  I was so taken aback to see that most of my precious sterling silver jewelries had turned to black. My initial  reaction was to think that I had been duped.  That some of the pieces I bought were fakes. I took them all out and went to a  local jeweler to have them looked over, turns out they just tarnished over time.The curiosity in me grew and I set out to find out how can I prevent this from happening. I did some research over the Internet and found  out that sulfur, an easily found substance makes the fluid brilliant coating of our sterling silver jewelries to tarnish and become  black as the night. I went back to the jeweler to confirm this and he was generous enough to provide me with some tips on how to handle my sterling silver necklaces especially when storing them away. Some valuable advice were also given on the best ways to clean the sterling jewelries to keep them beautiful and dazzling.To start off, clean first your jewelries and keep them that way. Everyday, wash them with soap and tap water but make sure you thoroughly dry before storing them in your jewelry box. You can also use metal polish once a week but not  the kind with granules as they can damage the shiny finish of your sterling jewelries. Now what should you do if the jewelries become tarnished over time? The jeweler recommended that you take it to a jewelry shop and have it professionally cleaned. However if you’re on a tight budget you can make a home cleaning solution. With a pyrex container, mix baking soda with water, put your sterling silver necklaces on it, and boil.Secondly, if you intend to store your jewelries for the night you can simply put in your jewelry box so you can access it  easily the following day.  For long term safe keeping you need to make sure that your sterling silver necklaces and other sterling silver jewelries are thoroughly clean, wrapped in tissue and stored in airtight containers. Makes you wonder why should they be in airtight containers? Most experts say that airborne sulfur is always waiting for its chance to pound on your sterling silver jewelries so you need to store these in airtight containers.Sterling silver necklaces have characteristically fluid and shiny finish, special attention to these items will result to long lasting luster of your jewelries. For more tips and advice on the correct way to care for your silver jewelries and to discover latest styles available please drop by

Gold Rings or Sterling Silver Rings?

By Mike CookeSome people become slightly puzzled when choosing rings. It’s like a fork in the road wherein they are undecided which road to choose, the silvery path or the golden way. Contrary to what is traditional, most individuals be it young or old, celebrities or ordinary women, are choosing sterling silver rings. I would say that sterling silver has reached the pinnacle of its popularity in the last two years, so much so that even known affluent people are bragging about their sterling silver jewelries. There are quite a few reasons why the choice of sterling silver over gold, which is the symbol of prosperity, is quite prevalent these days.For one, sterling silver is very reasonably priced. Comparing silver against gold you will be surprised that sterling silver is more often one-fourth of the more expensive piece. I once bought a ring for my sister who was turning 18, I wanted to buy a simple wrap around ring for her and scouted for one over the Internet. I found one made of 14K yellow gold priced at $179 and I also saw a replica of it in silver that only costs $22. Your guess is as good as mine I purchased the sterling silver in place of the gold one, but what’s so great about it is that I was able to buy her a set. Ring, earrings, necklace and bangles in matching designs all for only $148, all of these cheaper than one gold ring.Another reason why sterling silver has been winning over gold is that the designs available in silver are more contemporary. Maybe because of its low production cost sterling silver jewelries are being seen in all shapes and sizes. If you want a sterling silver ring with a flower design you will probably find more than fifty variations in the floral pattern as compared to the limited choices in gold ones. In fact if you have a design in mind you have big chance of finding it in a sterling silver store whereas in gold you will probably have it custom made by a jeweler.Finally the most prevalent of reason why people prefer sterling silver over gold jewelry is that you are perceived to be cool and smart if you are wearing sterling silver silver jewelries. Its trendy to be donning multiple sterling silver rings on the fingers of one hand but you will be branded as flamboyant and a show off if you do it with gold rings. I would rather be trendy and stylish rather than be pompously rich.Sterling silver rings make you standout with its beautiful and classy designs. Get that perfect ring for any outfit or social function at

The Surefire Way to Bring Back The Glitter of Your Sterlng Silver Earrings

Because of its complex designs and exquisite structure, sterling silver earrings are the most difficult jewelries to maintain. Compared with rings that have more simplistic embellishments, earrings have the peculiarities of semi-precious stones that make cleaning a daunting task.  If your silver earrings get stained your next best option is to have professionals clean them which may not be cheap. Here are ways to clean your silver earrings and any other elaborately designed jewelry.Sterling silver gets tarnished because of a chemical reaction that occurs when silver interacts with the substance sulfur, which is naturally found in our environment. Silver sulfide is the dark substance that forms in the surface of the silver. This dark pigmentation of the surface can be removed using polishing compounds. But in the process of all that rubbing and polishing, parts of the silver jewelry are actually being lost.Here is the good news, there is now a way to bring back the glitter of sterling silver earrings without rubbing and without losing the silver’s intricate makeup. This solution is so simple and so easy to do that you will wonder why you never heard of it before. With the help of science and simple chemistry you will be able to bring back the shine and elegance of your jewelries. This cleaning solution costs only a fraction of the professional cleaning kit and the best of all is that you can usually find this in your kitchen.Get an aluminium foil and cover the bottom of your glass or hard plastic container. Pour on the container with boiling, hot water, making sure it is up to the level enough to cover all pieces and mix with several tablespoons of washing soda or sodium carbonate. When the washing soda dissolves in hot water place the jewelleries inside the container and let them settle nicely on the aluminum foil. Ensure that the jewelries are not on top of one another, as in a heap, and they are laid out flat on the bottom, on the foil. You will notice that the solution will immediately get bubbly and a steamy vapor that emits a foul smell in the likeness of rotten eggs. Let the jewelries stay there for about one minute, then bring them out and rinse with cold water. You will see that the old beauty and luster of your sterling silver earrings has been restored.Proper care and storage of your sterling silver earrings will assure that they last a lifetime. Browse our site at for more pointers on how to keep your silver jewelries beautiful and shiny, along the way you might even find some new pieces to add to your collection.

How to Pick the Right Sterling Silver CZ Rings

Previously the cubic zirconia in sterling silver CZ rings comes out in one color, white. But with the advancing technology comes the new chemical processes that makes production of a wide variety of colors from cubic zirconia possible. The available colors produced are so varied that you will be amazed and confused at times. Unknown to many, cubic zirconia’s color represents a character trait matching the personality of the person? It just makes good fashion sense that you wear the gem that perfectly fits your personality.Which gem fits you perfectly? If you are a person who likes to stay on top of things, someone who feels that he always needs to be alert and sharp then the purple hued amethyst is the perfect stone for you. The amethyst represents sobriety. It’s ideal for people who lead and take the path many would naturally not take. Sapphire the blue stone represents truthfulness and fidelity. This stone fits special events like an engagement or wedding. This blue stone, which can normally appear in various shades of blue, is the inspiration behind the phrase “true blue”. The red ruby is a gemstone that denotes fire and love, possibly this is the most exciting of them all. Many kingdoms and civilizations were erased because of this stone.These semi-precious stones found in sterling silver cz rings can also be a tool for healing and influence. Some of you would probably call it mythical but others swear that it’s true. The jade for example has been known to good luck and prosperity. The Chinese are known to hold this belief deeply and treasure this green rock in their daily lives. If you remember during the Wild West, it became a custom for duelling men to have small pieces of turquoise which many believed gave them extra strength and courage. This light blue stone according to the native Americans heal the spirit and soul, so if you are a troubled soul or perhaps in need of courage for anything that you know you must do, it won’t harm to have a piece or two of turquoise in your body.Sterling silver cz rings are not only for fashion and beauty but also symbolize what we embody and our feelings, our strengths and weaknesses. Always pick the right one for you next time you want a ring for yourself. Take note that each stone represents a character trait which you can easily relate to.Sterling silver cz rings are jewelry pieces that are to be treasured forever. Give the right one for you or your special someone. Drop by and view the colors and designs that are available to you.