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Sterling Silver Ring – Perfect For Life’s Special Moments

By Mike CookeWedding and engagement rings are no doubt the most sought after type of rings and these are the rings that you really treasure and care the most. It’s understandable that these rings demand the attention due to the fact that they embody a life full of love and dedication. To be selective for a ring that will signify your intention to share yourself with someone for the rest of your lives is a task worthy of your time and money. Your beloved will complement you for your effort of shopping around for that perfect ring.The past few years, sterling silver rings gained popularity and it has continued to climb in popularity putting it in the same line as gold and platinum. Sterling silver rings are viewed as suitable to symbolize life and love due to its elegance and durability. A good reason why silver rings are fast becoming the ring of choice for weddings and engagements is that it’s priced really low but its look is just the exact opposite of its price. Even jewels that need to be laden with stones are now a practical choice. With the availability of cubic zirconia, an amalgam developed in laboratories, any precious stone can be replaced with a cubic zirconia reducing the cost significantly.Wedding bands in sterling silver are aesthetically perfect, the glitter and fluid form of the alloy makes it the top option. It can be plain or with intricate designs. One of the popular patterns for wedding bands is the celtic knot. It represents eternity and loyalty. Another that you can have is the eternity ring. It’s a rectangular white, pink or blue ring and similar to the celtic knot it represents never ending love. Go for cubic zirconia, if your financial situation is limited. This will adequately replace the more expensive jewels. You will be amaze at how it looks but the price will be something you can smile about.When scouting for rings for your engagement, you should consider the stone’s size and shape. But just as important is the base metal on which the stone will be set. Sterling silver is a top choice for the base metal. Its pure white color offsets the glittery surface of the stone and unlike platinum it is malleable enough to bend and form to your desired ornamentation. The stone can be a real diamond or a cubic zirconia, it is your choice. But again in this time of crisis the cubic zirconia can be your best friend. Any stone set on a sterling silver ring will be a thing of beauty worthy of symbolizing your undying love.A sterling silver ring is your top choice for your wedding, your anniversary or as an engagement ring. If you want to find the perfect ring for your wedding or engagement, see us at