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History of Silver jewelry

Sterling Silver jewelry has been around for many years. You can see everyone wearing some kind of silver jewelry today. If you are a big fan of silver jewelry and love wearing these beautiful items, have you ever wondered about the history of it all is? Yes, thats right you might be asking yourself this question where did silver jewelry come from? If you go back to the history of silver jewelry you will find that it dates back all the way to ancient time. In the history of silver jewelry it was said to be discovered exactly after the time that copper and cold were found. A lot of Egyptians have claimed to say that gold was the ultimate metal, and that silver comes very close to being second.  Both gold and silver were considered to being precious metals. Silver was used for many other different aspects in life other than becoming what we famously known as jewelry. Silver was also used as ornaments throughout many households. After doing some research, the history of silver jewelry has been dated back and documented to have been evolved as far back as 5000 BC. It’s amazing how something that was created so long ago is still used in today’s society. We can find ourselves purchasing silver jewelry that could be dated back to millions of years ago. Back then there were methods used to help determine how to separate gold from silver. The two products gold and silver were taken and minded from the Earth and was bonded into lead. There was era that was called the Bronze Age silver and gold in which the two were being taken from mines. The process of getting the silver and gold from mines was a grueling job; it was also not very good for the health of those who worked in the mines to find the precious gold and silver. A lot of miners were dying at a rapid rate because of the conditions they worked in throughout these mines. One of the main reasons for such high death records were because of the fact the minors was getting lead poisoning.   What the lead is mixed with is the silver and gold that was being mined, a lot of the workers went for years not realizing how bad the lead was affecting their health.  After some minors died, it was then figured out that the men were risking their lives by going into those mines and getting the gold and silver out of them.  After that point had occurred, slaves were forced to do the mining job because silver jewelry was still in a very high demand.The year of 500bc a very larger mine of full silver was discovered in Greece. The earning that was acquired after the discovery of the silver is what founded the first navy in Athens. Since Athens came up with a navy it made them become a very powerful city, and this was all thanks to the worth of the silver they found and also the extreme popularity that the luxurious silver jewelry had brought to the table. Another country that had some luck with what we now know as silver was Spain. This country had a very large set of mines and the money that was earned from these mines was used to pay money to the Romans who had demanded it.  Today the largest supplies of silver are USA, Argentina, Canada and Mexico, this are just a few listed.  People love silver and have for many years now. The history of silver is quiet interesting when you go back to learn the root of it all. This lovely silver jewelry we are wearing today has really come a long way.

Cleaning silver jewelery

Silver jewelery is something that is very popular today with many people; it is not just women who loves getting silver jewelery, men also loves to get silver jewellery because it is something that is beautiful and completes the look for anyone.  The only problem with silver is that it can dirty easily and cleaning is something that is a little bit difficult if you don’t want to damage the fine silverware but you can try to clean your jewelery without damaging it.A lot of us will know that when they wear something and put it at the back of the jewellery box, then we can forget about it and then when we do dig it back out again then you could find your pieces of jewellery dirty and a little tarnished.  That is when we need something to fix our silver jewellery to make them suitable to wear again; a lot of the time, you find that it is the silver that you don’t wear often that gets tarnished or really old or antique pieces which have been passed down that have a lot of work to be done on them.  It can be very frustrating if you are thinking about handing down a piece of antique sterling silver jewelry and find that you have the pieces tarnished.Well if you do you could try a few things at first to try to make the pieces look more fabulous and sparkling; you could just try a smooth cloth and some water.  That could work on some pieces of silver earrings; small studs is probably the only piece of jewellery that using water and a cloth to clean up the item but nine times out of ten you will find that it only removes a small amount of dirt and the piece is still needs cleaning up because you can barely make out that it is silver.Some believe the old wives tale of soaking the silver pieces of jewelery in a bowl filled with cola; yes that is right, fizzy juice such as cola is what is needed.  You would take a small bow and take a bottle of fizzy cola juice; you open it and pure into the bowl that you are going to be using but don’t take out any of the juices gas, you need all the fizzy gases in the cola for it to work.  You would put half a bowl of cola in and then place your jewellery into the bowl and leave it in there for a few hours.  Now I have tried this myself on a few older pieces of jewellery that has become tarnished and I have seen a few improvements.You get a cleaner item that what you first put into the bowl; a lot of the times you really could see a marked improvement however because the gases in the juice helps to remove any stains on the jewellery.  So times there is only a slight improvement depending on how fresh your cola is but having said that it is not an exact proven method of cleaning your jewellery with because it is considered to be an ‘old wives’ tales.  A lot of people however have seen a marked improvement with this method though it can be a little mixed; it could really all depend on the type of jewellery that you are trying to clean up.  It can work magic for some earrings but nightmare for others; diamond studs are a real nightmare to clean but solid silver bracelets are actually easier to clean.  Something’s can really work with this method though not all will be so easy to clean.Some say that silver polish can help you to clean up the silver but with tarnished silver jewellery then you could find that your item loses its appeal.  The silver could actually be taken away when you use the silver polish; we all know that jewellery can tarnish easily over time especially silver jewellery but using some types of polish can almost scrub the silver from your surface and damage it from how it originally was.  You could find that your bracelet or necklace just needed a cleaning up and that you have used silver polish and then the natural shine is gone, a lot of the times many try to clean up their rings with this silver polish and end up taking half of the silver from the surface and your ring is never the same again.  There has been many times when I, especially, have used silver polish on my rings and found the silver is gone within seconds of using the polish; the problems can be not just with the polish however but with the amount of silver on the jewellery.  If you have silver plated items of silver jewellery then the actual silver on them are not really thick enough to withstand the polish.  Even with the polish if your jewellery can withstand the polish without removing the silver then the polish doesn’t always gets all of the dirt removed and that with some pieces of jewellery it is not easy to clean them one hundred percent of the times.If you don’t think that the polish will work or you are worried about removing some of the silver then you could go to where you purchased your item and see if they run a professional cleaning service.  A lot of the times you will find that many of the jewellery stores will run some kind of service to clean up any pieces of jewellery that you have purchased in the shop, even if you haven’t purchased anything in the shop you could still get your item cleaned though you might have to pay for this service which is something that you might not want to do if you are trying to save yourself some money.There is something that you could do when you are at home to save yourself some money; all you are going to need is some water, salt, bowl and baking soda powder.  You should add one tablespoon of your salt and baking soda powder into your bowl and then take your water – make sure that it is hot but not boiling hot water otherwise it could end up damaging your jewellery.  Now once you have your water into the bowl, fill it half way in your bowl and make sure that all of your baking soda and your salt are dissolved in the water before you start putting your silver jewellery into the mixture.  You could leave the jewellery in the bowl for half an hour or even an hour and it should help you; you never know it could do a world of good for your silver.When it comes to cleaning tarnished silver jewelery then you could try a few different methods to get them cleaned up once more.

How Sterling Silver Jewelry Is a Good Investment

When it comes to jewelery then it can be something which makes our outfits complete but because they can sparkle, they can make us stand out just that little more with a beautiful diamond ring; a fantastic necklace or a charm bracelet, we all love them.  A piece of jewelery can make someone feel that bit more special whether it is a gift for ourselves or if we get it for a special occasion then every piece can make you feel a little more beautiful.Everyone loves silver and everyone loves gold; popular is always a popular choice when it comes to picking out a piece of jewellery however today it is becoming less and less sought after.  Even though you would think that getting gold is more expensive and looks better but you could be wrong; gold is great, not everyone likes gold however when they are wearing a bracelet or necklace but gold is becoming a thing of the past.  Today it is silver that is coming more into fashion; gold is found almost everywhere and if you think about getting gold jewellery would be a great investment then it could be but not for a possible twenty or thirty years because the price of gold is dropping because there are so many people out there trying to get their hands on gold whether scrap or jewellery then they aren’t paying high prices for it either.Gold was once popular but the value has dropped unless you are looking to get a few extra pennies when it comes to selling rusted or old and broken pieces of jewellery like necklaces or bracelets because you are probably just going to get enough to buy yourself a new jewellery set.  Unlike going for the bigger bars of gold which are something very difficult to come by unless you are a high roller and buy the gold at a snippet of the price which you could end up doubling your profit but that does not often happen in fact.  A lot of people believe that gold is the trade that you should be getting into but the problem is that everyone is thinking the same thing and acquiring gold is difficult and even when you are buying gold you aren’t getting any real profit from it.That is where silver comes into it all; silver is actually thought to be a little more popular than what it would be when you are buying gold.  You might find that people proclaim that you can get gold at half the price and make your money back within a year of investment and re-selling; and if you were to buy only a percent of pour gold then you could get some of the money you paid out but it could take a very long time of investing and patience to recuperate the money back and then when you try to resell it, the value is not what you have been expecting.  Forget about investing in gold why not try silver; now silver could be the solid investment for future for you and your family.You may not think it but silver is actually thought to be more a popular choice for investing unlike gold; you might not think it a few years ago but yes silver is more profitable than gold.  You are getting almost double the amount that you would get for silver from twenty or thirty years ago from it being somewhere around $20 or $30 per silver piece found to now with it being thought as little as $50 – $60 per silver item found though this is just the smallest amount and in fact that you could be earning ten times as more if you find that your silver piece is worth more than what you originally paid for it.Getting any silver piece is something but what does it mean for any pieces of silver jewellery?  People know which type of metal they should be going for and it is silver, the profit of silver is rising and that is where everyone is heading for because there is a larger demand of silver by the public.  When it comes to jewellery and knowing if it really is an investment then you are going to have to get it appraised and make sure that it is the best and the very high standard of silver.  This would have to be at least ninety eight percent fine silver and nothing less or different otherwise you might not be making any kind of profit and it might not even be worth selling so be careful and make sure that if you are selling any silver that you know if it is worth anything or not so don’t be cheated out of money that you could be earning.  Silver is the new gold!When you are looking to invest in some sort of silver jewellery and really do want to make a profit from the silver then you need to make sure that you have ninety eight percent pure silver the other very small percent has impurities included but the silver out weights that and it means that the silver is more in demand.  With anything less then you are in trouble; a lot of the silver pieces of jewellery made have also ninety percent of actual pure silver and the rest is made up by impurities in the silver which is not what you want.  Buying silver pieces of jewellery from market stalls across the world might not be the ideal way to invest in silver however but they probably wouldn’t reach the ninety percent mark of being pure silver at all so you are going to have to think before you starting investing in silver.  This is because there has been a lot of added bronze and copper to the item meaning they can resell the item which is less expensive.If you are thinking about starting a business or hobby in investing in silver jewellery then you are going to have to know a few things; start off with going to a professional jewellery shop owner – someone which has been in the business a long time and has a good reputation.  So if you do think about buying anything then go to them and ask if they can appraise it and find out if it is pure silver and if not then don’t buy; remember to get some proof of the piece of silver jewellery being pure silver so a certificate would be something that you should look to get.The truth is investing in silver jewellery is something that you could do just as long as you know that it is ninety eight percent pure silver but that is not all.  You should think about starting to wear the item so that you could get the value up and then you could sell it on; you could even get a few smaller pieces of silver, sterling silver jewelry but make sure that it is pure and melt it down into a silver bar which is like the popular gold bars.  You could then sell it on and start to make some money back.  You are really going to get a profit because the percentage of silver has risen and is going to be a great investments for everyone to go for; not a lot of people know to start investing in silver however so you could be ahead of the game.

Silver Jewelry Meanings!

A lot of times items that we wear can tell someone a lot about our personality. Whether it’s from your clothes or the type of jewelry that we wear can say a lot about the person that we are. If you love to wear sterling silver jewelry then you might be interested to know what kind of person people say you are. Silver jewelry has been around for years and it also has become a lot more popular throughout the years. Wearing silver jewelry can mean that you love to wear simple masterpieces; silver jewelry tends to be a lot simpler than any other type of jewelry.  Most people who love to wear silver jewelry are not big fans of wearing gold. Wearing silver can represent your unique personality that can describe some key factors about you. You may even have your own reasons and definitions that describe why you personally wear silver jewelry. Going back in history gold really was very expensive much more than silver. Over the years the gold popularity has also started to decrease while silver on the other hand popularity, have become to increase because silver is much more affordable than gold. If you wear silver, you are the type of person that prefers silver over gold.  Another good comparison from gold and silver is that wearing gold jewelry will give you that much more of a traditional look. Silver on the other is not as traditional as gold so if you are seen wearing it you are more prone to stand out amongst the crowd. You can even look at the latest fashion sense of celebrities most of them walk the red carpet nowadays wearing silver jewelry. A lot of times people find themselves wearing exactly what they see on TV and throughout magazines; silver is defiantly the new style of jewelry that is worn today. If you wear silver jewelry you like to be as simple as possible that is another famous term that is used to describe people who love to wear silver jewelry. Being simple can be a good thing sometimes the simplest things can stand out even more because of the way it looks.When it comes to wearing silver jewelry it all depends on how you rock it. The way you feel and look can make that difference in which you will stand out or not. If you love what you have on and you flaunt it the right way you will get all the attention that you need and desire.    You can wear something as simple as a piece of silver jewelry but make the beauty of it stand out. Silver jewelry can come in all different types of shapes, forms and even sizes. If you are looking for the right silver jewelry for you and your unique personality you are bound to find it somewhere. Wearing silver jewelry allows you to express your own unique fashion sense. There are tons of people who love to wear silver jewelry and you are just one of them that fit in this category.  Silver jewelry is much more affordable then gold but it looks just as good as gold jewelry.  What you wear and how you wear it really shows people who you are as a person. You might have even come across your own meaning of what silver jewelry means to you. There are a lot of meanings out there for people to choose from. You can choose the meaning that you believe in, that fits your personality the most and live by that meaning. It’s just that simple, just like how simple and elegant silver jewelry is.

The Many Different Meanings of Silver Jewelry!

When it comes to silver jewelry there are all types of different meanings for these simple masterpieces. Some people are big fans of having gold jewelry, but for those who are fans of wearing sterling silver jewelry there are different types of versions that can reflect your unique personality.  There are a lot of different meanings for silver jewelry; you might even have your own definitions for wearing silver jewelry.  The choice of owing silver jewelry can really depend upon the reflection of who you are.  One of the number one reasons that people wear silver jewelry is that they are not a big fan of wearing gold. When it comes to what gold really is; it is really one of the most classic and even precious metals that are used in the maker of jewelries. A lot of people who don’t like wearing gold tend to prefer to wear silver.  You also might think that wearing silver jewelry is much better than wearing pieces that are made out of gold. Another meaning that has been known for people that wear silver is that they love to fit in the crowd. When you compare gold jewelry to silver, gold jewelry is much more traditional than silver jewelry. With silver jewelry you will defiantly stand out in the crowd.If you look in Hollywood and celebrities walking the red carpet, you can even notice that a lot of stars today are wearing silver jewelry. If you catch celebrities wearing these magnificent pieces you will defiantly be excited and enticed to wear them. Whatever celebrities are into wearing, it seems like it starts the fashion trend and silver jewelry fits in that stand out fashion trend. Another definition that is known if you like to wear silver jewelry is that you want to be simple as possible. A famous phrase that may have come to mind is “simplicity is beauty” and that same meaning comes to life as well when you are wearing silver jewelry. A lot of times you can find this type of jewelry in all different types of sizes, forms and even shapes.  When you use the word simplicity with it, the quality stands out when you are referring to silver jewelry. The simplicity of the jewelry can also reflect elegance within the pieces, with this being said, with the eye of the beholder you can capture its true beauty by noticing someone who is wearing it. Wearing silver jewelry can also mean that you are more of a family person, being a family person means that you really care more about the needs of your family. Gold jewelry is much more expensive than silver jewelry at times, so it can seem that you are saving more money in your pockets. Silver jewelry can be available in all different types of materials, so rather you spending more money on a pricier gold item or even diamond jewelry; you may rather spend money on silver jewelry that is price friendly for you and your family. If you love to wear silver jewelry this can also mean that you have confidence in yourself.To wear silver jewelry you do not have to be a Hollywood star, all that matters is how you feel and how you flaunt your look. Wearing silver can mean that you are modern, cool and confident and more focused on your family. Silver jewelry can be a hot high fashion item; you just have to know how to wear it the right way. Wearing silver jewelry can have all different types of meanings to wearing it. If you love to wear silver jewelry you can surely find the perfect meaning that fits your style and grace. Silver jewelry has become more and more popular throughout the years and if you wear it, you are defiantly into the latest fashion sense.