History of Silver jewelry

Sterling Silver jewelry has been around for many years. You can see everyone wearing some kind of silver jewelry today. If you are a big fan of silver jewelry and love wearing these beautiful items, have you ever wondered about the history of it all is? Yes, thats right you might be asking yourself this question where did silver jewelry come from? If you go back to the history of silver jewelry you will find that it dates back all the way to ancient time. In the history of silver jewelry it was said to be discovered exactly after the time that copper and cold were found. A lot of Egyptians have claimed to say that gold was the ultimate metal, and that silver comes very close to being second.  Both gold and silver were considered to being precious metals. Silver was used for many other different aspects in life other than becoming what we famously known as jewelry. Silver was also used as ornaments throughout many households. After doing some research, the history of silver jewelry has been dated back and documented to have been evolved as far back as 5000 BC. It’s amazing how something that was created so long ago is still used in today’s society. We can find ourselves purchasing silver jewelry that could be dated back to millions of years ago. Back then there were methods used to help determine how to separate gold from silver. The two products gold and silver were taken and minded from the Earth and was bonded into lead. There was era that was called the Bronze Age silver and gold in which the two were being taken from mines. The process of getting the silver and gold from mines was a grueling job; it was also not very good for the health of those who worked in the mines to find the precious gold and silver. A lot of miners were dying at a rapid rate because of the conditions they worked in throughout these mines. One of the main reasons for such high death records were because of the fact the minors was getting lead poisoning.   What the lead is mixed with is the silver and gold that was being mined, a lot of the workers went for years not realizing how bad the lead was affecting their health.  After some minors died, it was then figured out that the men were risking their lives by going into those mines and getting the gold and silver out of them.  After that point had occurred, slaves were forced to do the mining job because silver jewelry was still in a very high demand.The year of 500bc a very larger mine of full silver was discovered in Greece. The earning that was acquired after the discovery of the silver is what founded the first navy in Athens. Since Athens came up with a navy it made them become a very powerful city, and this was all thanks to the worth of the silver they found and also the extreme popularity that the luxurious silver jewelry had brought to the table. Another country that had some luck with what we now know as silver was Spain. This country had a very large set of mines and the money that was earned from these mines was used to pay money to the Romans who had demanded it.  Today the largest supplies of silver are USA, Argentina, Canada and Mexico, this are just a few listed.  People love silver and have for many years now. The history of silver is quiet interesting when you go back to learn the root of it all. This lovely silver jewelry we are wearing today has really come a long way.

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