Bezel necklace

The sparkle of a diamond or gold set in a bezel setting is simply breathtaking. It’s a fiery sparkle that glistens at virtually every angle. Imagine looking in the mirror and seeing the scintillating glimmer of your bezel diamond necklace lighting up your beautiful smile. It’s a match made in heaven that you will cherish forever.

If you desire a beautiful, understated and yet elegant necklace, the bezel necklace is exactly what you need! It’s simply a beautifully designed piece of jewelry, an adornment that enhances your natural beauty that will make you feel like you are one of the glamorous movie stars!

Bezel is defined as a slanting surface, a groove or flange designed to hold a beveled edge, as of a watch or a gem. Necklaces come in different designs and from different gemstones. These gemstones may have been treated to improve their appearance or durability like the sterling silver gemstone hence requires special care. The natural properties and composition of mined gemstones define the unique beauty of each piece. The image may show slight differences to the actual stone in color and texture.

Bezel necklace is such a jewel that boasts of their availability from different gemstones. It can be found as Chandelier CZ Bezel Charm Necklace, Designer Style Sterling Silver Necklace with Bezel Set CZ or a diamond set among many other styles.

A  Bezel Necklace is a glamorous piece of fine jewelry. This is the oldest method used by designer to make necklace! Setting these gemstones is dated as old as one can remember! It can be described as a band of metal, meticulously molded into a pre-defined shape that securely holds a stone or multiple stones in place in a piece of jewelry.

The bezel is first shaped into the desired form and soldered onto the piece of metal. The gemstone is then set onto the bezel and fixed firmly in place. This is done by applying pressure on the metal that locks the diamond or any other gemstone firmly and securely into place. The final product is a beautiful bezel necklace or any other accessory.

Bezel necklaces and other bezel set jewelry such as earrings, rings and even watches are a popular choice these days for brides-to-be. A Bezel Necklace goes beyond beauty, it is uniquely fashioned and has a glamorous feel, and its design id definitely designed with everyone’s interest in mind. Its sparkle and glow will always glimmer in everyone’s eyes.

When worn, bezel necklace has been described as giving a woman an alluring sense of mystery, Intrigue, seduction and natural beauty. The diamond style bezel necklace make is mostly popular as people are assured that this precious metal is intact and they won’t lose it. It is also famous among professional athletes and Hollywood celebrities. Kim Kardashian is one great owner of this fabulous jewel.

This diamond bezel necklace done with bezel setting is not only secured but is also classy, elegant and bears an unmistakable fiery sparkle! The bezel setting give gemstones used to create a bezel necklace, are made more sophisticated look than those whose settings have done with the help of prongs! Your piece of jewel is also securely stationed within the bezel and thus your precious gemstones are well protected from chipping, scratches and other such harm.  The bezel necklace is your piece of important jewel and thus it is important you guard it, it is a sizeable investment!

If you so choose, you can also have bezel settings that are fashioned in such a way that they completely envelope your precious piece of stone in a band of precious metal. Whichever design you select, the rim or edge of your precious metal of choice is kept securely in place by the bezel.

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