Historical Princess Diana’s Engagement Ring

If you talk about the earlier ages there is no any jewelry that had represented a deep love, romance and care for one another. But there was one ring that moved the hearts of many people and become a fairy tale for many true lovers. Yes, we are talking about a great and stylish Princess Diana’s engagement ring that captured the heart of everyone and became a sign of love and pride for many brides. Because of Diana’s preference, today mostly brides want Princess Diana’s engagement ring for their wedding ceremony.

I was really a very special day for Diana when Prince Charles purposed her for wedding. After her acceptance they started their wedding preparation. After a long wait for their wedding their beautiful pictures of their wedding ceremony appeared on the screen. Princess was looking very beautiful in silk fabric, royal procession, cascading flowers, and with a beautiful wedding ring on her hand.

Princess wedding ring became a primary focus for every single person. Many people said that, Diana was always seen wearing her wedding ring on many different officials or royals function. This shows the love and care of Diana for her husband.

When the Prince Charles purposed his future wife, there wasn’t an engagement ring yet. But after that there were lots of controversies and questions appear on the screen. For this purpose, Diana wanted and engagement ceremony for her new role, so she was given numerous engagement rings to select from. Garrard Jewellers created the lovely rings and she chose an oval sapphire of the bluish hue. It was an 18-carat engagement ring with 14 smaller diamonds on the side, forming a stylish and very complicated setting.

Mostly celebrities keep their wedding dress, jewelry and many other things on secret. But Lady Diana was not one of those. She didn’t design a special ring for her wedding ceremony; in fact she selected her engagement ring for the catalog of Garrard Jeweller’s. It means that if someone has $65,000 during that time could purchase the ring.

This was really shocking news for both of the families that Diana’s choice of jewelry is not a unique piece. It wasn’t especially crafted for her and it is not even a diamond ring. It doesn’t matter what type of ring Diana had selected but became the couple’s sign of promise to each other.

Garrard Jewellers is one of the most famous jewelers. They are also known as the British’s royal family official crown jeweler. They have been offering their service for the royal families from 1843 up to the present. Mostly queens and other family members prefer to design or buy their jewelry from Garrard Jewellers. Being royal jewelers is not an easy task. Garrard Jewellers is also the one responsible to preserve, keep, and protected the jewelry, crown, and treasures of the British sovereign.

After the tragic death of Princess Diana in august 19 her role of being a princess of whole kingdom was ended. But it wasn’t end like a fairy tale. Her smile, sympathy and soft nature is still present in the heart of many people. Her flair, fashion, and style remained an inspiration to a lot of people. Princes Diana wan not only famous for her looks and beauty but it was also famous for her jewelry. Princess Diana engagement proves that there is no limit to buy a diamond of gold ring for engagement. Today, because of Princess Diana’s engagement ring many couple prefers to buy different stones as compare to diamond. Diana was dead but she is still remembering as Princess Diana’s engagement ring.

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