Bezel necklace

Necklaces are accessories that men and women adorn not only for beauty purposes but also to compliment what one is putting on. The choice of these accessories therefore is very important but in most cases determined by the outfit that one wants to put on. Beauty and elegance are the terms that people use when looking for necklaces to purchase. Not all necklaces fit this descriptions but bezel necklace does. It is exactly what one is looking for and what one needs.
Being the oldest method to make necklace, designers have been seen curving these niche more. The method involves molding the gemstones finely in a band of metal that has already been re-defined into a certain shape so as to hold them securely. The setting is more sophisticated as compared to those jewels that are done with the help of prongs. The jewels are safely secured within the bezel and thus protected from chipping and scratches and thus your jewel wont be harmed.

These necklaces come in the most precious metals with variations of gold or diamond. They sparkle and the sparkle is fierily a compliment that gleams your looks.  A choice of many celebrities, bezel necklace has become popular among the Hollywood stars and work to enhance the wearer’s natural beauty.

Bezel necklace is a jewel that gets its name from the shape it has. Bezel is a slanting surface or a groove that is designed to hold a beveled edge used especially in watches or for holding gems. The description is taken into consideration and the same art modified and used in making these jewels. When making these necklaces, bezel is first shaped into the desired forms and then soldered onto the piece of metal. The precious stones to be used are then set onto the bezel and they are firmly fixed by applying pressure on the metal locking the gemstone firmly and securely so as to avoid losses. The final product is a gorgeous bezel necklace which everyone would like to own!

Having made from precious stones, these jewels are also available in durable metals such as sterling silver gemstone and thus one is assured that the metal they want their necklace to be is available.  They are also available in different forms. Among the list is; Chandelier CZ Bezel Charm necklace and Designer Sterling Bezel Necklaces just to mention but a few.  The natural properties and composition of these jewels greatly define them making them stand out form the rest. They are unique with the different gemstones used to make them each carrying unique texture, color and natural beauty.

Diamonds are precious metals which are hard and quite a fortune that one wants to grab. They have been in place for such a long period and have been used to make the best jewels bezel necklace included. Diamond bezel necklace is classy, sassy and elegant with quite a fierce sparkle!  It is the most popular of all necklaces with Kim Kardashian adorning one of these fabulous jewels. It is popular also among the athletes and its tag prize is also a deep inside one’s pocket.

With such a stone for a jewel, one need to secure it as it is a sizeable investment that not everyone can afford! One can have a bezel necklace custom made for them in whichever fashion they choose. The idea of the design one has in mind is made and the gemstone of choice is completely enveloped in a metal band guarding them from chippings and any scratches that may cause harm to your precious jewel.

With all these variations, the buyer/wearer hence need to be fully informed on the care they should give their precious jewel.

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