Do you believe in luck?

Some necklaces are believed to have charms of luck in them and many people who believe this will always have one on their neck. I have seen this in different cultures where parents give a necklace to a child while they are still young and as they grow, the necklace is always there. When the kids realize that they have such a thing on their neck and ask what it is, they are told it is a kind of protection or a good luck item, if not so, the parent tells the kid that whenever they feel lonely or weak, they should remember that there is someone who is close to them in form of a necklace.

Not everybody who puts on a necklace believes in this story. There are very many reasons as to why a person may put on a necklace. Traditionally, necklaces were worn to show some commitments to partners. When it comes to religious issues, there some churches who put on a cross necklace to remind them of the redemption that happened to deliver them from the slavery of the sin. In addition, there are others who wear it with as symbol of Christ believing that He is always there with them.

Some of known luck necklaces are the clover necklaces. This is very common in the western culture. It is part of their lifestyle though things are changing each and every day. The clover has three leaves and designers use this image to decorate some items that we use in ourselves like in jewels or in our houses, you may also find some households having such an image.

Out of this leaf is where the clover necklace is gotten from. The chain can be of different metals or other material such as beads and plastics and the clover symbol is attached. The number of the attached clovers depends on the sized of the since you cannot wear one that have a lot of them especially if they are large.

The clover necklaces are very known across the globe since they are known to have charm. Not for bad luck but of good luck. There are many people who wear it for that reason. This kind of a jewel can also be worn by anyone who wants to add beauty. Clover necklaces are offered in different metals and colors and so you can find one for you. You can also find earrings, anklets, bracelets and other kinds of jewels.

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