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Celtic Knot Ring, Significance and Class in One

Celtic Knot Ring

If you are looking for a ring that symbolizes your eternal love and affection for your significant other, a Celtic knot ring is what you should be looking for. With its intricate lines and weaving design, the Celtic knot ring doesn’t just look fancy, it also comes with a lot of meaning behind it.

Celtic knot rings are imbued with so much meaning and symbolism, which is largely thanks to the people responsible for designing and crafting them. The knot design has significant meaning in Celtic Christianity; it is a symbol that signifies eternity, as the knots are intricately woven without any discernible end. As such, Celtic knot rings make for great wedding rings as their unique design serves as a special reminder about the eternal nature of a couple’s relationship—it essentially signifies a hope for a couple’s marriage to last for the rest of their lives.

Aside from having a lot of religious significance, the Celtic knot design on rings also has a beauty and elegance that is unrivaled. There is something about the weaving pattern, as well as the intricate knots and lines that give out beauty and grace—in short, the Celtic knot ring is simply stunning.

Yet despite the intricacy of the detail found in most Celtic knot rings, they are versatile enough to be worn with virtually any type of outfit and any occasion you can think of. Whether you’re going out for a stroll on the park, or going out for a night in town with your little black dress on, Celtic knot rings add that perfect dash of luxury and elegance only few jewelry pieces can offer. This is yet another reason why Celtic rings make for great wedding rings—they do not stick out on your hand and have the ability to blend in with just about any outfit you choose to wear.

If you are looking to tie the knot soon and have yet to start the long search for the perfect wedding ring, you should definitely consider Celtic knot rings—in fact, we recommend them to you. We at have our own version of Designer’s Celtic knot ring, this time coming in high quality sterling silver. This Celtic ring is a definitive must-have, with its classy, chic and fun look perfect for all types of occasions. This Designer-inspired gift not only looks great, it also comes with a highly attractive price tag, coming in at a fraction of a designer ring.

Class and Elegance, Designer-inspired Open Heart Pendant

Open Heart Pendant

Christmas is nearing and with its arrival comes the rush and madness of finding the best possible gift for your significant other. So, what should you give your beloved come December? If you’ve already searched through an array of gift ideas but still don’t have the first clue about what to give the love of your life, why not consider our designer-inspired, sterling silver open heart pendant? It just may be the perfect gift that and your ladylove are looking for.

But before we get into the details of this particular piece of jewelry, let’s first take a look at why heart pendants are so special.


The heart, as you know, is a symbol of love that has become associated with the emotion since time immemorial. Giving your significant other a silver open heart pendant may seem like a cliché, but it signifies a symbol of your love and affection for her. The open heart pendant, a stylized version of the classic heart pendant, is a modern yet traditional way of expressing your love in a way that is unrivaled.


Silver pendants are popular because they come in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Heart pendants are both classy and trendy at the same time, earning the affection of many jewelry collectors. Silver heart pendants, though not as luxurious as gold or diamond heart pendants, have a unique charm to them due to their simplicity and undying elegance.

As mentioned, silver pendants come in a wide array of different shapes and styles. Our sterling silver pendant on OverstockSilver for example, is an open heart, essentially a loop of elegant silver molded to the shape of a heart.

Whichever type of silver heart pendant you choose, one thing is certain. They make great gifts for all types of occasions, whether for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and of course, Valentine’s Day.

Our designer-inspired open heart pendant, crafted from sterling silver, is one of our absolute favorites. Made with quality craftsmanship and the finest silver, we’ve made sure to incorporate everything you would normally get from a jewelry piece from 5th avenue, minus the cost. If you love the designer look but not the price tag it comes with, this item is definitely for you. Whether your significant other chooses to wear this open heart pendant on special nights, or wear them every day as part of her daily wardrobe, this pendant is guaranteed to look stunning.

Designer-inspired Open Heart Pendant, A New Take on a Classic

Open Heart Pendant

Despite the way in which jewelry has changed over the years, some classics have managed to withstand the evolutions in fashion and taste. One such example are silver open heart pendants, classic pieces that have somewhat evolved yet still remained true to its origins. A silver open heart pendant is a beloved classic and is considered by many as a simple, yet favorite jewelry piece that should not be absent in any woman’s collection. They are prized for their minimalist look, having very simple features that exude a certain elegance about them. Their simple features mean that silver open heart pendants can be worn with just about any type of necklace for virtually any occasion, be it during the day or night.

Such is the popularity of the silver open heart pendant that famous celebrities have been spotted wearing their own version of this classic. Indeed, open heart pendants and the necklaces they adorn have become very popular in the 21st century, a time in which a surprising return to more classic pieces has become the biggest trend in jewelry. Leading online stores even put these pendants at the top of their buyer’s wish lists and gift lists, a sure sign that people both desire and give away these pieces.

Perhaps it’s the versatility of the open heart pendant and necklace that is its biggest selling point. As mentioned earlier, the heart pendant and necklace pair can either be worn as daily jewelry piece or as something reserved for more special nights out in the town with your significant other. From an investment standpoint, such flexibility makes the open heart pendant a superb buy—after all, not everyone has the money to buy expensive jewelry that can only be worn once in a blue moon. In today’s tough economy, a piece of jewelry that works in nearly all occasions definitely appeals to women, as well as men thinking about giving them as gifts. also offers its own addition to the line of heart pendants with its own open heart pendant, a jewelry piece inspired by 5th avenue. This designer-inspired pendant is a stylish piece that’s not only exceedingly beautiful, but fairly affordable as well. Amaze your friends and significant other by wearing this sterling silver open heart pendant and feel the confidence of having it around your neck. Remember, it’s not the price of a 5th avenue that matters, it’s the style it features and the happiness garnered from wearing it.

CZ Jewelry — women’s new best friends

CZ jewelry are precious metal jewelry set with cubic zirconia—the most important man-made diamond substitute. CZ jewelry are often made of sterling silver—but those made of 18 karat yellow or white gold, or platinum are increasing.

CZ Jewelry

Sterling silver and cubic zirconia are a perfect match for creating inexpensive jewelry. Sterling silver (92.5%) is still jewelry quality but much more affordable than gold, while cubic zirconia is also inexpensive but is close to diamond in almost all gem attributes—except for its heat insulating property, the opposite of diamond, which conducts heat better than silver. Cubic zirconia is also available in practically all colors.

Because of these characteristics, CZ jewelry has become popular for those opting for jewelry that are precious but affordable. Cautious people sometimes order CZ replicas of their more expensive jewelry. The CZ jewelry are the ones intended for daily wear or travel, while the original jewelry are kept in vaults, reserved for wearing at special occasions.

Since producing CZ jewelry is much less expensive than producing jewelry made from gold and traditional gemstones, jewelers have become more playful with their CZ jewelry designs.

Sometimes, they emulate the style of high-end jewelry made by famous jewelry makers. Also known as ‘inspired’ CZ jewelry, these are usually done only ‘in the style of’ designer jewelry—not direct replicas, and no counterfeit brands, marks, or packaging are used. The designer inspired CZ jewelry market has grown in recent years, despite the economic crunch—which could be due to people wishing to wear similar-looking jewelry as their celebrity idols without literally spending a fortune for it—those who want the designer look without the hefty price tag.

Other customers might go for CZ jewelry for various ethical or cause-oriented reasons—they don’t want to be involved with small but very powerful business groups controlling the diamond distribution chain, or they don’t want to be tainted with blood diamonds—diamonds used to finance war and and unimaginable in western Africa, for example.

An increasing trend nowadays is the use of gold or platinum as settings for CZ gemstones. Some say it’s because people now realize that cubic zirconia is very durable and as beautiful as diamond, and should go better with metals more durable and beautiful than silver. This raises prices as CZ on gold and platinum are a hybrid between your usual inexpensive CZ jewelry and conventional jewelry made for the very rich. But this is still a relatively affordable development since the high cost of diamond jewelry is mostly due to the diamonds.

Whatever motivates people to demand and wear them, CZ jewelry are here to stay. They have become women’s new best friends.

Silver starfish necklace, feel like a star, without paying the price

If ever there’s a signature look that blends nature and minimalism in the world of jewelry it is the starfish necklace inspired by Elsa Peretti for 5th Avenue. Soft, organic star shapes that seem to move are tethered by simple, elegant links that only heighten the timeless quality of the necklace.
Starfish Necklace

Starfish Necklace

In the spirit of this design, Overstock presents a Designer styled starfish necklace in .925 sterling silver. Now, no longer will the attractive curves of the 5th Avenue starfish necklace be only available for the very rich.
At a fraction of the Designer price, 5th Avenue inspired starfish necklaces are making their proud owners happy. In today’s economically uncertain world, people looking to buy jewelry not only need to have a sharp eye for purity of line and form, but for bargains as well. Because style should go with smarts.
Versatility is another key to a good jewelry purchase. Jewelry should go together with any outfit for efficient use. This is where the minimalist lines and forms of a 5th Avenue inspired starfish necklace win hands down. With its spare, streamlined form, a 5th Avenue inspired starfish necklace can go with the most elegant evening wear, to the most alluring of bikini wear. A 5th Avenue inspired starfish necklace also looks good both for day functions, or evening engagements. Ditto for other 5th Avenue inspired jewelry.
And inspired they really are. They are not merely replicas or knockoff items—they have none of the designer name/marks/tags /logo boxes that can be seen on counterfeits.
Rather, each peace of silver starfish necklace evokes the spirit that went into the designer pieces—a good blend of line and form based on the shapes of nature.
Quality and affordability, that’s the promise of Overstock — the fulfillment of which is evident on the 5th Avenue inspired silver starfish necklace.
Match it with equally affordable sterling silver starfish earrings and/or sterling silver starfish bracelets and your silver starfish ensemble is complete—without touching your budget where it matters.
Not surprisingly, even star celebrities are getting into wearing 5th Avenue inspired silver starfish necklaces because of their beauty, versatility and affordability.
Feel like a star when you wear 5th Avenue inspired sterling silver—amaze your friends at how stylish and smart you are. Because it’s not the price that makes a 5th Avenue inspired sterling silver starfish a star—it’s in the style that went into its creation, and the happiness of whoever gets to wear them.

CZ Jewelry, get the bling without the worries

CZ jewelry is actually real precious metal jewelry but set with an inexpensive man-made gemstone that has the flash of diamond—cubic zirconia (CZ).
CZ Jewelry

CZ Jewelry

Mass produced since the late 1970s, CZ is the most affordable way for jewelry to achieve the look of diamond, without the steep price. Except for its heat insulating property that’s opposite to the excellent heat conducting property of diamond, and its heavier density, CZ’s other gemstone properties—brilliance, hardness, density—are so close to that of diamond that only experts can tell them apart. But the difference in price between a diamond jewelry and CZ jewelry is astronomical.
CZ is a diamond substitute. As a diamond substitute, CZ is trumped only by moissanite (silicon carbide) but moissanite is considered a gemstone in its own right and gem-quality moissanite costs much more than CZ.
Easy availability and low cost—plus it comes in virtually all colors, from clear to black—made CZ dominate the diamond substitute market. Price differences led to three distinct markets:
  • Silver CZ jewelry
  • Gold/platinum CZ jewelry
  • Real diamond jewelry
CZ set on inexpensive silver makes up the majority of CZ jewelry in the world. A silver CZ necklace with a brilliant-cut pendant may cost one-tenth the price of a comparable gold/platinum CZ necklace, which in turn could cost about one-fifth the price of a gold/platinum necklace set with a small diamond.
Affordability made the CZ jewelry industry grow, especially during times of economic uncertainty when luxury items become a lesser priority. Since silver CZ jewelry cost little, people can still afford to buy them even in hard times. A testament to the popularity of silver CZ jewelry is the huge number of online stores that sell them.
Also growing but a little more slowly is the second market, CZ jewelry on gold and platinum. Some people realize that since CZ is very durable and is virtually indistinguishable from diamond, setting it on gold and platinum is the best thing to do. This is the middle market—where people are affluent enough to afford gold, but practical enough not to invest in diamonds.
Aside from price CZ jewelry have some practical uses. Some people order CZ replicas of their heirloom pieces for daily wear and travel while they keep the originals in vaults for safe-keeping. This way, they get to wear the style and brilliance of their family heirlooms without having to worry about losing the originals.
That is not a concern for most people, for whom CZ jewelry are the best way to obtain the bling without the worries.

Starfish necklace, a timeless distillation of line and form

A distinctly popular starfish necklace is one made by 5th Avenue & Co. This one has instantly become a classic. Says Elsa Peretti, starfish necklace designer: “For me, good line and good form are timeless,” which she achieved by distilling natural forms into their abstracted essences.

Starfish Necklace

Starfish Necklace

Inspired by this insight, Overstock Silver offers silver starfish necklaces styled in the looks of the famous Designer jewelry. Now, the budget-conscious (and, with the economic crisis these days, who won’t be?) can avail of reasonably priced and affordable starfish necklaces done in .925 sterling silver, exhibiting the same timeless spirit.
Just to make it clear, the Overstock Silver’s version of 5th Avenue inspired starfish necklace is not a replica or a knockoff— just an interpretation of the popular starfish necklace style. Thus, it doesn’t have a these tell-tale signs of a fake:

  • designer name on the piece (stamped or engraved or embossed)
  • designer hangtag
  • designer logo box

So you can be assured that you won’t come off as a wannabe but someone who has a good eye for line, form, and bargains.
The designer inspired starfish necklace is, rather, an opportunity to wear attractive ideas in the form of jewelry in a very affordable way — at just a fraction (as low as a tenth) of the inspiration’s price, which would normally be impossible for many to achieve without a more affordable alternative.
With affordable designer inspired starfish necklaces, earrings, and bracelets, one can, with minimum expense, create a sterling silver starfish ensemble that is suited for the fun-loving woman of taste. Perfect for an evening dinner at a romantic beach — to rival the night stars. If art creates happiness, then happiness need not be out of reach. The more people in the world who become happy, the better the world will be.
Overstock Silver offers other designer inspired jewelry — all done in the spirit of their popular styles without the blind, stiff aping seen in replicas. Just an extension of the designer’s intent — achieving timeless line and form through careful reduction of nature into essentials.
Overstock Silver designer inspired jewelry — for the fun-filled, discerning women of taste who know that happiness is only limited by one’s imagination, and not by the price of one’s baubles. There’s a story about a Zen monk throwing starfish from the beach back into the sea — and the difference even one rescued starfish makes. That’s also the difference an Overstock Silver starfish necklace makes — with its timeless line and form.