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Trendy Sterling Silver Necklaces

Fashion Police – What’s the “in” thing now when it comes to accessories? Today, when it comes to jewelry, more is more! Celebrities go for huge chunky jewelry with earthy tones, and layer it. The fashion and jewelry at Grammy awards 2011  showcased mucisians in dresses and jewelry in black and gold hues that have an ethnic look but more fashionable and gorgeous. The necklaces are magnificent too, and not the usual which are striking, bold and big. While some of them reinvented their fashion statement, still some chose to be on the safe side and wore genuine pieces that are always nice to look at and not too screaming.

Sterling silver necklaces sizzles on celebrities, well they can actually wear anything and toss it for a new fad but silver jewelry are considered as safe jewelry that are ultimately fashionable pieces perfect for any events and occasions. The jewelry trends winter 2011 featured bangles, retro inspired rings, square cuffs, oversized metal jewelry, shiny danglers for ears, flashy necklaces, bib necklaces with various elements like feathers combined with floral, animal and religious motifs. Extra large pieces in shiny white, gold and black combinations, everything oversized and extra-large will surely be a hit.

Sterling silver necklaces are an intergral part of women’s wardrobe which they use to jazz up their look. Trends come and go, it moves so fast and not easy to follow especially if you’re low on funds. There is a cheaper way on how to catch these trends without paying a hefty price. Sterling silver necklaces inspired from popular designers and jewelry producers are available everywhere and the cost is much cheaper compared to the originals.

Hollywood’s most fashionable namely Madonna, Jessica Simpson and Anne Hathaway showed up wearing the latest sterling silver necklaces and other jewelry trends. Anne wore a bezel set tennis necklace which looked good on her and made her smile even more brighter. No doubt, it will definitely look good on any woman. Anne always shows up fresh and fashionable, she is a good dresser and her taste is sophisticated and classic. Madonna was caught on a sassy number, she wore masculine sterling silver necklaces and layered it which made her look gorgeous. A masculine piece made her look so divine and sexy, she definitely is born to be a trendsetter. The material girl has got IT and everything she wore becomes an instant trend.

Designer Inspired Jewelry for the Holidays

During the holidays, people get excited about it, they go out and shop for cool items not only for themselves but also for their loved ones. People save up for it while some have allotted their bonuses for this time of the year and splurge it over gifts like jewelry and other delectable gifts.

Silver jewelry are nice gifts that both men and women adore. However, it is no secret that the cost of real jewelry are expensive. If you are planning to give it as a gift, it would be too extravagant well, it is not an issue for those who have enough money to buy these lavish accessories. But how about those who simply can’t afford the price of real 5th Avenue? The brand produces high quality jewelry often sported by socialites, celebrities and rich people. Most women dream of having jewelry from the famous brand but with its extremely high cost, ordinary individuals cannot afford to buy it. This is why designer inspired jewelry emerged and since then, women can afford to have jewelry inspired from the popular brand.

What is designer inspired? These are replica of 5th Avenue’s line of jewelry, the designs are similar to the original but priced affordably. The designs are close to the original and nobody would notice the difference, only a real jeweller can tell whether its a replica or not. Designer inspired jewelry made it possible for women to indulge in fine luxurious jewelry without going over their budget. Those who have limited funds can now go and shop for high quality jewelry inspired from an expensive brand but available at a fair cost. With these, people chose to wear designer inspired jewelry rather than the original.

Online and retail shops are selling designer inspired earrings, designer inspired bracelets, designer inspired rings and designer inspired necklaces. The huge selection of designer inspired jewelry allow women to go for several pieces without hurting their pockets. Women can shop freely and purchase a set of designer inspired jewelry, and because the price is cheap, they can afford to shop for their friends, partners and family. This season, share your blessings and show them how they mean to you by giving them designer inspired jewelry that will make an appeal to them. It only happens once a year and it is the time of giving, make it special and give them fascinating gifts like designer inspired jewels. Celebrate the season with luxurious gifts for less!

The Twilight Saga

Twilight was first released as a book which was turned into a film which people loved. The story was enjoyed by movie goers and they asked for more of this vampire romance story. The pale lead stars caught the public’s attention, the red hair and the creepy, romantic story of two indivuals who both have different worlds. Bella Swan (Kristen Stewart), Edward Cullen (Edward Pattinson) and Jacob Black (Taylor Lautner) are the lead stars of Twilight Saga not only their good looks were admired by the fans but the way they portrayed their characters seemed so real and convincing.

Twilight was such a huge success and was followed by New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn Part I. Every scene from the movie was striking especially the jewelry worn by Bella which is the moonstone twilight ring. Because of its popularity, the demand for this silver ring increased, and because of that several types of knock offs came out like the twilight engagement ring, bella twilight ring and gold twilight ring. The designs are similar to what they have seen in the movies. The replica of these rings made the fans happy and crave for more rings inspired from the movie. Retail and online jewelry shops were surprised with the great demand which resulted for more styles of rings and producing several versions to satisfy Twilight fans.

The highly anticipated wedding scene is part of Breaking Dawn Part I. The forest wedding, the gown and twilight engagement ring are a must-see. The fans were mesmerized with the wedding because the setting is not the usual and quite insteresting. They have waited for this moment to arrive, the relationship was almost impossible to pursue but they fought for it and their love for each other made them stronger. The marriage is complicated, it wasn’t enough to bind them together, still there are hindrances especially when Bella got pregnant. The baby was strong and the movements on Bella’s tummy was impossible. Too strong for a fetus, Edward believed that the baby should not be pursued and Bella being the mother cannot bear to lose the baby. Everything was complicated, the new couple must face all of these problems. Well its not all sweet and happy moments for both of them. The fans are excited for the part II and they look forward to it, the sequel is addictive and the good story continues to please the audience and the fans.

Shop for CZ Silver Gifts on Small Business Saturday

One month to go before Christmas and people are rushing and doing their early Christmas shopping, no better day to shop than small business Saturday. Because Christmas and New Year are special events of the year, people look forward to it and spend some time doing Christmas shopping for family and friends. Every year, shoppers try to change their gifts into something more interesting and because the family grows, shoppers seek for more gifts. Carrying a bunch of paper bags is not an easy thing well this is a hard way of shopping. Wise shoppers opt to shop online wherein all they have to do is browse, add the items to their carts, pay using their plastics and wait for it to be shipped, now this is a smart way of shopping, hassle free and time saving.

Usually, people purchase items like books, clothes and bags but if you want to give something special without overspending you can give CZ jewelry or silver jewelry embedded with cubic zirconia. It may sound too extravgant and expensive but its not, especially if you take advantage of items on sale during small business Saturday. There are a lot of cz jewelry available in various designs that you can purchase online or in retail shops. Because silver is not as expensive as gold, people are becoming more into it. Silver gifts are mostly preferred by shoppers because it can be given as it is. There’s no need to wrap it because it comes with a decorated box, an instant gift at an affordable price. This is a perfect gift for those who don’t have enough time to shop and wrap gifts.

CZ jewelry are available in different designs and styles,each are perfect as gifts and are as precious as real jewels because some of it possesses an original look inspired from what the celebrities wear. Unlike other gifts, a sterling silver necklace is a practical gift that can be used by the receiver everyday. Giving away belts, bags or shoes can be tricky especially if you are not close to the person. You’ll never know if it will make an appeal to her. It is better to give sterling silver jewelry because it can be worn on different occasions unlike bags or purse that will just sit at the back of the closet. Don’t let this happen, give gifts that are usable and affordable like silver gifts. In case you are clueless of the receiver’s taste, then choose a cz jewelry with a safe design – not too flashy and not too plain. Go for safe styles that can pass for both casual and formal occasions. This small business Saturday shop for your holiday gifts and take advantage of the big discounts while supporting small local business.

Sterling Silver Rings for Black Friday 2011

Women love to shop and most of them have a list of what they want to get and sterling silver rings are always inlcuded on the list. Christmas season calls for flashy accessories like cz rings, band rings, stackable rings and other silver jewelry. But when is the best time to shop for silver jewelry?

Black friday is one of the most anticipated day after Thanksgiving wherein people are still on leave and going crazy over items on sale. It is the best time to grab bargains and discounted items in bulk that can be used for the coming holidays. Shoppers look forward to it basically because of the items that don’t normally go on sale. People take advantage of the great discounts and enjoy shopping for cool items. Shops and retailers extend beyond the normal hours to accommodate shoppers and remain overnight or as long as the supplies lasted. This is a perfect time to indulge in fine, luxurious silver jewelry without going over your budget.

Normally, people would invite friends or relatives to go on Black Friday its like a bonding time but when the crowd goes wild its hard to keep up with the family. Instead of always keeping an eye on each other, it is advisable to go in different directions to get more bargains and meet after shopping. Don’t forget to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. Prepare the money so you won’t have a hard time looking for it.

If you simply can’t stand the long lines, traffic and the mad scramble, you can always shop online. Keep coupon codes and use it as you shop for accessories like sterling silver rings and other items that you’ve been wanting to have. Have you heard of the Cyber Monday? It used to be a little secret but the following Monday is also a good time to shop! Simply browse your favorite sites and check out the online deals. Some of the items have greater discounts probably the one’s that didn’t sell on Black Friday but still you can find other good buys you just have to be a little patient in searching.

Black Friday is fun and happens once in a year, in case you don’t want to be caught in a shopping stampede then its better to stay at home, surf online and find sterling silver rings on sale. There’s no need to join a huge crowd just to find the perfect silver ring for the holidays. You can always find a good buy on the net and save a bundle on different online deals. Shop till you drop without hurting yourself, bear in mind that no deal is worth your safety.

Glam Up your Holiday Style

It is once again the season for giving, everyone is rushing and roaming around shopping for gifts for their family members, friends and partners.  Small valuable gifts are the ones that give the most pleasure, for this purpose people find it practical to give silver jewelry. Who wouldn’t want to have sterling silver jewelry? Anyone will be delighted to receive such a precious gift  for Christmas. If you can only take a sneak peek at their wish list you’ll see that jewelry is on the top of everyone’s list. People like nice gifts like silver earrings, silver bracelets, silver necklaces and other sterling silver jewelry. Why silver? Silver is more affordable than gold so you can give more, it also has a wide array of styles that allows you to personalize the gift to the receiver.

Silver bracelets are one of the most desired gift jewelry, they are attention grabbing pieces that can make head turns instantly and say “oh my, where did she get that bracelet?”. The variety of silver finishes attract both men, women and even kids! Sterling silver jewelry are never complete without silver bracelets, this Christmas shopping and giving away bracelets may sound too extravagant but not if you know where to find affordable but high quality bracelets. The low cost allows an individual to shop for several pieces, most of the online and retail shops today are on sale so take advantage of the great discounts.

Silver jewelry is not just for giving you can also buy some very nice pieces for yourself.  Fashion during this season changes and turns into flashier, brighter and merrier ensembles. Colors are not definite and anything goes! This is the perfect time to accessorize and wear that stylish chunky jewelry, the perfect time to buy them if you don’t have them yet.  For a high voltage of shine, choose a silver bracelet studded with precious gems or stones. Match it with your other sterling jewelry like earrings, necklace or ring. Who would’ve thought that you can shine like a star as you sport the undeniably fabulous silver jewelry pieces.

Now you can easily find sterling silver jewelry online, available in sets with impeccable designs, brilliant styles and in different lengths. Whatever type of silver jewelry you prefer make sure that you don’t overdo it so you won’t look like you have too much on. If you decide to wear a plain outfit then you can go for more accessories, if you tend to wear an ostentatious outfit with sequence and crystals tone down your accessories. Wearing it all together will make you look like a disco ball or worse beat the christmas tree with all its ornaments and lights. Select the right clothes wear the right sterling silver jewelry to have a glam holiday.

Sapphire Drop Earrings : Be Instantly Glamorous

Drop earrings look very feminine, stylish and glamorous! It is in fact mostly mostly worn by celebrities you see on television and glossy fashion magazines. Silver jewelry like a pair of fabulous earrings are enough to give a lady an instant glamorous look. Every woman has their own preference when it comes to silver jewelry, some like simple stud earrings while others opt for glamorous drop, dangling or chandelier earrings. If you want to get noticed and feel like a star in a red carpet event wear sapphire drop earring for they are a sure attention catcher.

Drop earrings are beautiful pair of earrings elongated and accented with precious gems or stones. . It beautifully hangs with the help of hoop or chains which drops down from the earlobe, some sways while others stay still. We see it hanging quite away from the ears and totter around the face which emphasizes the beauty of its wearer. Drop earrings are available in various lengths, fit and style to attract women with different tastes. Women never settle for one design, they like to change their style every once in a while, depending on their mood or where they are heading. Its fun to change style so you won’t get stuck with one look, reinventing or doing a make-over is not bad instead it allows an individual to try other styles that they don’t normally go for.

Silver jewelry is becoming a popular counterpart of gold, the price is more affordable compared to gold but still it can look stylish and can be turned into glamorous jewelry. Drop earrings has always been the one of the women’s favorite because it can be paired with traditional or modern outfits. These type of earrings are usually reserved for formal gatherings and evening parties but today these are paired with casual outfits which also looks good. The styles and shapes of drops vary, it can be round, oval, teardrop, square and other geometrical shapes. To make it sparkle, jewelers use sapphire (which is a favorite), emerald, ruby and other gemstones. Cubic zirconia is also used which has a resemblance with diamonds, while some are accented with freshwater pearls and crystals. Today, you can ask a jeweler to make it more personalized by designing your own drop earrings and they will do it for you. Well, you have to pay extra charges for this one and it can be quite expensive compared to the ready-made silver jewelry but its worth it simply because yours will be unique.

Engagement Ring that Women Love

Women go crazy over silver jewelry, so much so that they spend hours reading glossy magazines about accessories to get bits and pieces of ideas on what to wear the next time they go out. They browse engagement rings, wedding rings, eternity bands and promise rings. They dream of having these fabulous rings someday but what do they really want for their engagement ring?

Engagement rings are special kind of rings with a deep emotionally attached meaning. It is given to express love and commitment, it is your symbol of promise to love forever? It makes you wonder thought if what you are giving  is the style and cut she wants. Is it the type with precious gems, engraved with a name or just a plain silver ring with huge stone? Different women have different preferences when it comes to jewelry. You have to know them and pay attention to what they really like. If you are planning to give the love of your life an engagement ring, it must be based on her personality. Well women are not really that hard to please. Give them a diamond ring and they will say yes without batting an eyelash. But what if you are an average Joe who simply can’t afford to splurge over a piece of rock?

Every woman wants to own a 5th Avenue ring but the cost makes it impossible for them to have one. Good thing there are designer inspired jewelry or knockoffs that look the same as the original but priced affordably. With its resemblance from the original, nobody can tell that you are wearing a replica. Most of the silver jewelry today are made of 925 sterling silver and cubic zirconia. CZ or cubic zirconia is a man-made stone that looks like a real diamond. If you can afford the cost of diamonds, then you can go for cubic zirconia because it has the same glitz and sparkle of real diamonds. Most jewelry shops carry this kind of jewels and there are also available engagement rings available in different sizes, styles but priced reasonably.

Men should never worry about their budget because designer inspired jewelry are made to be affordable. If you are planning to propose to your loved ones, all you need to do is choose a design that will make an appeal to her. Solitaires are traditional engagement ring style. Today, there are several settings that you can choose from like criss-cross design (on the side of the mounting), twisted band, low settings, high prong settings, rough cut diamonds or other gems in bezel settings, emerald or asscher cut and many others. Pink or yellow and other colored gems are also “in” you just have to know the person very well to see what will suit her.

Dare to Wear Hoop Earrings

Fashion evolves fast not only in Western and  European countries but also in Asian countries like Hong Kong and Korea. The trend in these countries change constantly from the hair, wardrobe and accessories. For them, everyday is a new day which means a new fad, a run of new styles, a splash of new hair color and fabulous new accessories. Fashion come and go but classic hoop earrings are always in style and never go out of fashion. A pair of sterling silver earrings will always be fashionable and can pass for any season and occasion.

Silver earrings are cool ear candies with various designs and cuts. Some are classified as dangling earrings, chandelier earrings, stud earrings, drop earrings and hoop earrings. Women have many choices to match their outfits, hairstyles and make-up. For girly girls, they opt to wear dangling earrings, chandelier earrings and hoop earrings. They like it everytime their earrings move and sway with their every movement. While some prefer studs with precious stones and other embellishments. Good thing, the line of sterling silver earrings are huge and women can choose any style their heart desires. While men can select and pick something for their partners or special someone.

Fashion is never complete without sterling silver earrings. Instead of wearing the much talked about slave earrings which appeared on the Vogue Italia website, women can sport a less controversial pair of earrings like hoop earrings. Any girl will still look fashionable without being criticised. Sometimes, people tend to push themselves to come up with the next “in” thing but in exchange, they hurt other people’s feelings. So much for being fashionable.

One great way to wear hoop earrings is by fixing the hair in a bun, chignon or high ponytail. These hairstyles expose the ears and the hoop earrings. If you let your hair down the hoop earrings would be hard to notice. If you want to show it off, you have to raise your hair or tie it in a loose bun.

Compared to gold earrings, sterling silver earrings are much affordable. But even if you are on a tight budget, there’s no reason why you can’t go out in style. Sterling silver earrings are priced just right to keep you in fashion. You can wear it again and again, by simply applying a little creativity, you can mix and match it with other sterling silver jewelry to achieve a fresh new look. Silver earrings are a nice gift too! Every girl dreams of having a pair of silver earrings. Huge boxes with big ribbons are appealing to kids but women prefer gifts placed in a tiny box. Great gifts come in tiny boxes just like a pair of silver earrings.

Gorgeous J Lo Silver Necklace

Jennifer Lopez or better known as J Lo is one of the most stunning figures in the music industry. She is talented, beautiful, sexy, can sing, dance and act.  The are a lot of beautiful women in Hollywood but J Lo is one of the classiest, she not only dresses beautifully but she also picks out her accessories well.

J Lo is known for her chic and classy jewelry, she likes wearing sparkling cz jewelry.  Not only that, the jewelry she wears are coveted by women who happen to watch her shows or see her photos over the web. Who can blame them? She is gorgeous everytime she appears on tv!

Many are searching for a J Lo inspired question mark necklace. A silver necklace with a question mark pendant embedded with cubic zirconia stones. J Lo wannabe’s everywhere are seen sporting this sterling silver necklace. J Lo is successful with her career and there’s no question about it she is a  trendsetter who can predict the “in” thing tomorrow. From the beginning, she is consistent with her performances and her albums sold millions of copies. She is an inspiration who continues to please people who like the genre of her music.

A J Lo inspired question mark necklace inspires not only the youth but even adults who devote their spare time watching her concerts and listening to her albums. Cz jewelry which happens to be J Lo’s favorite appeal to young girls and to those who are young at heart. This silver necklace is always one of the best sellers because of the celebrity who wore it. Any sterling silver necklace worn by celebrities become an instant favorite of fans. They have a keen eye on exceptional silver necklaces and wearing the same one makes you feel like one of them. This is the reason why women who are fond of sterling silver necklaces always watch what celebrities wore because they know for a fact that what they wear today will be a major hit tomorrow. Its definitely a trick to stay ahead in fashion.