Celtic knot ring ties the heartstrings

Nothing recalls the romanticism of ancient Ireland than the Celtic knot—a romanticism that is evoked by the famous example of silver art in the Celtic knot ring. This ring confers both simplicity and sophistication in the wearer.

Celtic Knot Ring

There is no general directory of the meanings in these interlaced, overlapping, sometimes endless knot motifs. The general view is that they may have had religious meanings that have been lost—some say harmony and the endless cycles of the universe. However, whatever the meanings they may have, Celtic knots and the rings based on them almost automatically gives the wearer a sense of being special. The Tiffany inspired Celtic knot ring, with its interlaced pattern of hoops and is fascinating to look at and to wear. The open space between the braids gives the Celtic knot ring an airy appearance, yet it doesn’t convey a sense of fragility—the interweaving of the knots somehow lends a feeling of strength—the hoops seem to support each other structurally, like a basket holds its shape because of the weaving, unlike other Celtic knot designs that are merely carved or painted on.

This Tiffany inspired Celtic knot ring can be worn by both men and women—the design is such that it compliments whoever wears it. This is a tough challenge to do, and a tribute to the designer.

The biggest difference between the Tiffanies and the Tiffany inspired Celtic knot ring is the price—Tiffany inspired silver jewelry, especially from Overstock Silver, is just a fraction—about a fifth or a sixth—of the Tiffany price. This means a $200 Tiffany ring is just around $60 Tiffany inspired.

The key word is ‘inspired.’ These Tiffany style rings and other Tiffany style sterling silver jewelry are not exact replicas nor do they contain any marks or packaging that would caused them to be called ‘counterfeit’. Instead, they seek to capture the intent of the original designer, and even build on it, giving ordinary wearers the chance to experience a design luxury previously affordable only by the very rich.

And they do capture the sweep and romance of Celtic culture. The Tiffany style Celtic knot ring is a great opportunity to show off not only one’s Celtic roots, but also one’s personality—whether one perceives it as gentle, or dynamic—as seen in the graceful interweaving of the Celtic knot ring’s hoops. Celtic knot ring—for the romantic in you.

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