A History of the Celtic Knot Ring

Celtic Knot Ring

For many people, the Celtic knot ring holds plenty of magic and mystique. These rings feature intricately woven knots and have a texture that’s eye-catching and unique. Together, the endless patterns and weaving lines result in a ring that’s old-fashioned and deep in history and culture, yet elegant and flexible enough to be worn by just about anyone.

For the Irish, the Celtic knot is a representation of eternity. For this reason, the Celtic knot ring can either symbolize eternal life, eternal nature, and of course, everlasting love. This is precisely why Celtic knot rings are popular choices for wedding rings, thanks to their unique design that holds tremendous meaning steeped in culture, heritage and romance. It’s even common for non-Irish couples to wear Celtic knot rings to signify their eternal love and affection for each other.

As you probably know by now, Celtic knotwork has been around for centuries, inscribed on old tattered books, Irish manuscript and stone carvings of Celtic origin. Celtic knots are as old as Ireland herself, which is why many people attribute plenty of significance to them. Because the Celts wandered outside modern outside modern-day Ireland, settling into many parts of Europe, people from all over the European continent herald these Celtic designs as a mark of their heritage.

Celtic knots however, have a much older history that predates their arrival to the Emerald Isle. They can be traced as far back to the knotwork styles common in the Middle East, which influenced the first wave of monks who came to Ireland to convert the pagan Celts to Christianity. Since then, the Celtic knot design has been prominently featured in various manuscripts, carvings and other artifacts.

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