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Celtic Knot Ring

The Irish Celtic knot ring is unique, beautiful and versatile enough thanks to its diverse array of designs. Despite the many designs available on the jewelry market, the fact remains that they all have the central design of weaving lines that seem to be endless. While Overstock Silver’s Celtic knot ring comes in an elegant silver, these ring can be made from various metals, and can be complemented with different birthstones. Knotwork can also vary amongst these rings, but the similarities are obvious. Whatever the case, Celtic knot rings are a thoughtful present for just about any celebration or occasion, and you’re sure to find an event in your life where this ring will be appropriate.

If you want to give away a Celtic knot ring, but don’t know when you should, here are a few ideas.

Weddings and Engagement

The Celtic knot, though steeped in religious meaning, has over the years come to represent eternal love due to its intricate design of woven lines that seemingly go on and on. Not surprisingly, this has made the Celtic knot ring a popular choice for engagement rings, and can even be chosen as the wedding ring for couples of Irish descent. If the bride prefers silver, than our Tiffany-inspired Celtic knot ring will make for a fine wedding band, one that is resilient enough to last for many, many years.


The Celtic knot ring is a great gift for birthdays. Whether the recipient is a newborn or someone who’s celebrating many years of life, this type of Celtic ring is more than appropriate. Because the weaving lines found in the ring seemingly have no end, the ring can signify the giver’s wish for the recipient to have eternal happiness. By adding the appropriate birthstone, the Celtic knot ring becomes even

Mother’s Day

Let’s face it, mothers are the perfect embodiment of love. After spending years raising you into the person you are now, your mom deserves a special gift. The Celtic knot ring is a great way to say ‘thank you’ for the years spent loving and supporting you.

Whichever occasion is appropriate for your circumstances, just be sure to check out Overstock Silver’s very own Tiffany-inspired Celtic knot ring in sterling silver. One of our best selling rings, this jewelry piece is simple, chic and flexible enough to match any outfit for any occasion. Whether for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions, this Celtic ring makes for an understated present, but one that nonetheless speaks volumes.

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