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Get Ready For Halloween

Both men and women look forward to fun and exciting occasions like Halloween. The styles change during this season and fashion forward individuals tend to experiment and go for trendy designs to look in. While blacks become in demand, accessories with gothic designs like bones, skulls, crosses and scary pieces are preferred by shoppers to achieve a scary look and feel. There may be plenty of designs available to choose from like skull necklaces, oversized silver crosses, bats, pumpkin or coffins but some are not too daring to wear such styles so they seek for elegantly designed jewelry that could also pass for spooky parties.

This year, cross sideways necklaces, conventional cross necklaces, Halloween inspired jewelry in silver tone are becoming popular. The designs are not screaming but eye-catching and suitable for the occasion. Some are studded with cubic zirconia stones while some are plain and still beautiful despite of the simplicity. Mix and match silver rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings with designs that go along well. Charms are nice addition too! Spiders, crossbones, crosslink, snakes and swords are also fun and interesting designs are perfect for Halloween parties.

Everyone tries to find a good costume but it wouldn’t be complete without scary accessories. Silver jewelry with spooky designs can complete a certain look enough for party freaks to get noticed instantly. The good news is that it is easy to shop for appropriate silver jewelry. Most of it can be found online and purchasing one or several pieces is hassle free for it can be delivered right at your doorstep. This way, you’ll have more time to prepare and make your costume scarier and interesting. Admit it or not, the costumes are becoming more realistic than ever which makes it trickier and quite challenging for costume makers.

What surprises fashionistas is the affordable cost of silver jewelry. A complete set with your favorite accent and design costs cheap so you can go for more pieces and share it with your friends and loved one. This way, you can party all night and look in style for less. A jewel doesn’t have to be expensive especially if the design can only pass for one occasion. It is still best to be practical and have jewelry that can be worn again and again. A simple mix and match will do the trick to make it like a new one. Get ready for Halloween, this is the perfect time to see the latest designs and get great deals online to earn big savings.

Eternal Summer in a Starfish Necklace

Starfish Necklace

Starfish Necklace

One who is wearing a starfish necklace—whether it be in silver, gold, or any other precious substance—is actually wearing a timeless symbol of hope. The starfish has always been considered a symbol of divine love—from the time of the ancient Egyptians (as Isis) to modern times (as Virgin Mary)—as a celestial symbol of salvation in trying times, of infinite love from the divine—of spiritual guidance, protection, and wisdom.

Starfish jewelry, more especially the starfish necklace, are also often symbols of summer—and as such they are often worn at the beach during summer vacations.
But they need not only be worn during summer. As reminders of warmth and safety, starfish pendants and necklaces can also be worn in the winter months to spread cheer and hope. They can also symbolize the Christmas star.

Starfish are also symbols of the uniqueness of one’s individual personality and character. They feed differently, they grow differently—sometimes regenerate from single arms. Which makes them best represent people who succeed in their own way, no matter how unlikely or impossible success seemed when they started.

Quiet strength and patience are also additional qualities embodied by the starfish. The way they are able to slowly open up tough mussels is a lesson in the art of waiting and toughing it out, no matter how impossible the objective seems to others.

Without eyes or ears, starfish unerringly find food and mates. Hence, starfish also represent those who instinctively sense the true emotions of people around them, no matter how cleverly these are hidden and disguised. A starfish necklace, then, is perfect for people who are naturally intuitive and sympathetic to those around them—and for those quick to sense BS and not take it lightly.

With so many positive qualities, starfish are very good as totems for special people—spiritual, positive, warm, caring, honest, humble, patient, dependable. For these people, a perfect gift would be to adorn them in the creature that symbolizes them best—a starfish necklace, pendant, ring, earring, brooch—any small piece that would show your affection.
If you are one of them you can also get a starfish necklace for yourself, to symbolize your individuality and to cheer you up. Remember, happiness in the world is partly due to people like you—and the world will be happier with a happier you.

A well chosen starfish jewelry can bring warmth and cheer anytime, anywhere. Start wearing a starfish necklace or pendant now, to drive away those blues, in these trying times.

Silver starfish necklace, feel like a star, without paying the price

If ever there’s a signature look that blends nature and minimalism in the world of jewelry it is the starfish necklace inspired by Elsa Peretti for 5th Avenue. Soft, organic star shapes that seem to move are tethered by simple, elegant links that only heighten the timeless quality of the necklace.
Starfish Necklace

Starfish Necklace

In the spirit of this design, Overstock presents a Designer styled starfish necklace in .925 sterling silver. Now, no longer will the attractive curves of the 5th Avenue starfish necklace be only available for the very rich.
At a fraction of the Designer price, 5th Avenue inspired starfish necklaces are making their proud owners happy. In today’s economically uncertain world, people looking to buy jewelry not only need to have a sharp eye for purity of line and form, but for bargains as well. Because style should go with smarts.
Versatility is another key to a good jewelry purchase. Jewelry should go together with any outfit for efficient use. This is where the minimalist lines and forms of a 5th Avenue inspired starfish necklace win hands down. With its spare, streamlined form, a 5th Avenue inspired starfish necklace can go with the most elegant evening wear, to the most alluring of bikini wear. A 5th Avenue inspired starfish necklace also looks good both for day functions, or evening engagements. Ditto for other 5th Avenue inspired jewelry.
And inspired they really are. They are not merely replicas or knockoff items—they have none of the designer name/marks/tags /logo boxes that can be seen on counterfeits.
Rather, each peace of silver starfish necklace evokes the spirit that went into the designer pieces—a good blend of line and form based on the shapes of nature.
Quality and affordability, that’s the promise of Overstock — the fulfillment of which is evident on the 5th Avenue inspired silver starfish necklace.
Match it with equally affordable sterling silver starfish earrings and/or sterling silver starfish bracelets and your silver starfish ensemble is complete—without touching your budget where it matters.
Not surprisingly, even star celebrities are getting into wearing 5th Avenue inspired silver starfish necklaces because of their beauty, versatility and affordability.
Feel like a star when you wear 5th Avenue inspired sterling silver—amaze your friends at how stylish and smart you are. Because it’s not the price that makes a 5th Avenue inspired sterling silver starfish a star—it’s in the style that went into its creation, and the happiness of whoever gets to wear them.