sterling silver celtic knot ring

Sparkling Fall Colors

If you are still stuck in black and whites, then it is time to shift into Fall’s fresh and sparkling colors. Jewel tones make the season more exciting and they look even better with contrasting textures and colors. The season’s vibrant color wheel includes emerald, plum, navy hue, bright yellow, bold fuschia, citron, eggplant, cobalt, claret red, rusts, sapphire blue, metallics, maroon, and gold tones. Wearing jewel tone combos will make any woman standout. Who cares about matching? Go ahead and play with colors.

Jewels play a big role. An outfit wouldn’t be complete without fun bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. Since jewel tones are in, why not do a contrast? Your burgundy top will go along well with sterling silver jewelry with citron or lime tones. Yellows and burgundys make a good combination. Refreshing and youthful. Teens combine it chunky jewels but not everyone can pull this trend off. To be safe, choose silver jewels studded with yellow stones. The result, you get the same color combination without looking hippy. You’ll stay in style and sophisticated.

Take out your metallic emerald bag and plum top for a rich color compliment. Who said red and green are only meant to be worn during Christmas? Women often veer away from this color combination. Work the contrast and match it with leather bottom and nice pair of boots with shearling and you are ready to hit the town. Don’t forget to wear silver ruby rings or other bling blings that will make you sparkle this season. There are a ton of color combination that you could experiment, all you need to do is match and play with different shades that will instantly make you look fashionable.

The jewel tone combos may be a bit tricky for some, it can be a hit of miss so make sure you are wearing the right contrast. Forget about the grays because it’s time to shop for flirty dresses in jewel tone hues, hats made a huge comeback and grab accessories that you can use no matter what the season is just like sterling silver jewels. There are a ton of designs available and it will be easy for you to select the right pieces suitable for different occasions. You can give it as a gift too! Jewels with different stone shades are popular these days. Colorful rocks and beads enhance your style and make you look extraordinary. Make this holiday season merrier and go for sparkling fall colors.

Get Ready For Halloween

Both men and women look forward to fun and exciting occasions like Halloween. The styles change during this season and fashion forward individuals tend to experiment and go for trendy designs to look in. While blacks become in demand, accessories with gothic designs like bones, skulls, crosses and scary pieces are preferred by shoppers to achieve a scary look and feel. There may be plenty of designs available to choose from like skull necklaces, oversized silver crosses, bats, pumpkin or coffins but some are not too daring to wear such styles so they seek for elegantly designed jewelry that could also pass for spooky parties.

This year, cross sideways necklaces, conventional cross necklaces, Halloween inspired jewelry in silver tone are becoming popular. The designs are not screaming but eye-catching and suitable for the occasion. Some are studded with cubic zirconia stones while some are plain and still beautiful despite of the simplicity. Mix and match silver rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings with designs that go along well. Charms are nice addition too! Spiders, crossbones, crosslink, snakes and swords are also fun and interesting designs are perfect for Halloween parties.

Everyone tries to find a good costume but it wouldn’t be complete without scary accessories. Silver jewelry with spooky designs can complete a certain look enough for party freaks to get noticed instantly. The good news is that it is easy to shop for appropriate silver jewelry. Most of it can be found online and purchasing one or several pieces is hassle free for it can be delivered right at your doorstep. This way, you’ll have more time to prepare and make your costume scarier and interesting. Admit it or not, the costumes are becoming more realistic than ever which makes it trickier and quite challenging for costume makers.

What surprises fashionistas is the affordable cost of silver jewelry. A complete set with your favorite accent and design costs cheap so you can go for more pieces and share it with your friends and loved one. This way, you can party all night and look in style for less. A jewel doesn’t have to be expensive especially if the design can only pass for one occasion. It is still best to be practical and have jewelry that can be worn again and again. A simple mix and match will do the trick to make it like a new one. Get ready for Halloween, this is the perfect time to see the latest designs and get great deals online to earn big savings.

Holiday Gift Idea. Popular Celtic Knot Ring

Celtic Knot Ring

The Irish Celtic knot ring is unique, beautiful and versatile enough thanks to its diverse array of designs. Despite the many designs available on the jewelry market, the fact remains that they all have the central design of weaving lines that seem to be endless. While Overstock Silver’s Celtic knot ring comes in an elegant silver, these ring can be made from various metals, and can be complemented with different birthstones. Knotwork can also vary amongst these rings, but the similarities are obvious. Whatever the case, Celtic knot rings are a thoughtful present for just about any celebration or occasion, and you’re sure to find an event in your life where this ring will be appropriate.

If you want to give away a Celtic knot ring, but don’t know when you should, here are a few ideas.

Weddings and Engagement

The Celtic knot, though steeped in religious meaning, has over the years come to represent eternal love due to its intricate design of woven lines that seemingly go on and on. Not surprisingly, this has made the Celtic knot ring a popular choice for engagement rings, and can even be chosen as the wedding ring for couples of Irish descent. If the bride prefers silver, than our Tiffany-inspired Celtic knot ring will make for a fine wedding band, one that is resilient enough to last for many, many years.


The Celtic knot ring is a great gift for birthdays. Whether the recipient is a newborn or someone who’s celebrating many years of life, this type of Celtic ring is more than appropriate. Because the weaving lines found in the ring seemingly have no end, the ring can signify the giver’s wish for the recipient to have eternal happiness. By adding the appropriate birthstone, the Celtic knot ring becomes even

Mother’s Day

Let’s face it, mothers are the perfect embodiment of love. After spending years raising you into the person you are now, your mom deserves a special gift. The Celtic knot ring is a great way to say ‘thank you’ for the years spent loving and supporting you.

Whichever occasion is appropriate for your circumstances, just be sure to check out Overstock Silver’s very own Tiffany-inspired Celtic knot ring in sterling silver. One of our best selling rings, this jewelry piece is simple, chic and flexible enough to match any outfit for any occasion. Whether for birthdays, weddings and other special occasions, this Celtic ring makes for an understated present, but one that nonetheless speaks volumes.

A History of the Celtic Knot Ring

Celtic Knot Ring

For many people, the Celtic knot ring holds plenty of magic and mystique. These rings feature intricately woven knots and have a texture that’s eye-catching and unique. Together, the endless patterns and weaving lines result in a ring that’s old-fashioned and deep in history and culture, yet elegant and flexible enough to be worn by just about anyone.

For the Irish, the Celtic knot is a representation of eternity. For this reason, the Celtic knot ring can either symbolize eternal life, eternal nature, and of course, everlasting love. This is precisely why Celtic knot rings are popular choices for wedding rings, thanks to their unique design that holds tremendous meaning steeped in culture, heritage and romance. It’s even common for non-Irish couples to wear Celtic knot rings to signify their eternal love and affection for each other.

As you probably know by now, Celtic knotwork has been around for centuries, inscribed on old tattered books, Irish manuscript and stone carvings of Celtic origin. Celtic knots are as old as Ireland herself, which is why many people attribute plenty of significance to them. Because the Celts wandered outside modern outside modern-day Ireland, settling into many parts of Europe, people from all over the European continent herald these Celtic designs as a mark of their heritage.

Celtic knots however, have a much older history that predates their arrival to the Emerald Isle. They can be traced as far back to the knotwork styles common in the Middle East, which influenced the first wave of monks who came to Ireland to convert the pagan Celts to Christianity. Since then, the Celtic knot design has been prominently featured in various manuscripts, carvings and other artifacts.

You too can have or give away your own Celtic knot ring. We at Overstock have a 5th Avenue-inspired Celtic Knot Ring in sterling silver, which also happens to be one of our best selling silver rings. Fun, chic and elegant, this classic Celtic knot ring is versatile enough to go along with just about any of outfit. Unlike Tiffanies that can come at prices well over $200, this original Celtic Knot ring is affordable, yet still comes with the glamour and luxury of a 5th Avenue. With the holidays fast approaching, why not get this 5th Avenue-inspired piece of jewelry as a gift to your loved one? And while you’re at it, pair this ring with Overstock Silver’s matching earrings!

Celtic knot ring ties the heartstrings

Nothing recalls the romanticism of ancient Ireland than the Celtic knot—a romanticism that is evoked by the famous example of silver art in the Celtic knot ring. This ring confers both simplicity and sophistication in the wearer.

Celtic Knot Ring

There is no general directory of the meanings in these interlaced, overlapping, sometimes endless knot motifs. The general view is that they may have had religious meanings that have been lost—some say harmony and the endless cycles of the universe. However, whatever the meanings they may have, Celtic knots and the rings based on them almost automatically gives the wearer a sense of being special. The Tiffany inspired Celtic knot ring, with its interlaced pattern of hoops and is fascinating to look at and to wear. The open space between the braids gives the Celtic knot ring an airy appearance, yet it doesn’t convey a sense of fragility—the interweaving of the knots somehow lends a feeling of strength—the hoops seem to support each other structurally, like a basket holds its shape because of the weaving, unlike other Celtic knot designs that are merely carved or painted on.

This Tiffany inspired Celtic knot ring can be worn by both men and women—the design is such that it compliments whoever wears it. This is a tough challenge to do, and a tribute to the designer.

The biggest difference between the Tiffanies and the Tiffany inspired Celtic knot ring is the price—Tiffany inspired silver jewelry, especially from Overstock Silver, is just a fraction—about a fifth or a sixth—of the Tiffany price. This means a $200 Tiffany ring is just around $60 Tiffany inspired.

The key word is ‘inspired.’ These Tiffany style rings and other Tiffany style sterling silver jewelry are not exact replicas nor do they contain any marks or packaging that would caused them to be called ‘counterfeit’. Instead, they seek to capture the intent of the original designer, and even build on it, giving ordinary wearers the chance to experience a design luxury previously affordable only by the very rich.

And they do capture the sweep and romance of Celtic culture. The Tiffany style Celtic knot ring is a great opportunity to show off not only one’s Celtic roots, but also one’s personality—whether one perceives it as gentle, or dynamic—as seen in the graceful interweaving of the Celtic knot ring’s hoops. Celtic knot ring—for the romantic in you.

The Difference a Celtic Knot Ring Makes for your Wedding

Celtic Knot Ring

The perfect wedding is something many of us dream of. It shouldn’t be surprising, after all, a wedding is one of the most special moments in a person’s life that ushers in a whole new chapter wherein love, affection and commitment are the dominating factors. To mark the event, wedding rings are given by husband and wife to each other, acting as symbols that pledge eternal love and faith in each other.

When it comes to wedding rings, Celtic knot rings have emerged as a popular choice for many couples. With their symbolism and inherent beauty, it’s no wonder why. Even couples who have not one drop of Irish blood in them find a preference for Celtic taste due to their contemporary feel that interestingly enough, also exudes a classic splendor befitting of its Irish origins.

Of course, it all starts with choosing a pair of Celtic rings to begin with. With the wide variety of Celtic rings out there, it can be challenging to find the right one for you and your significant other. Fortunately, with a few simple practices, you can make the search easier and faster, allowing you to gain more time to concentrate on other wedding matters.


Yes, knots looking elegant and classy, but they’re not just about aesthetics. Celtic knot rings carry a lot of significance behind them. The knots, lines that weave in and out of each other, symbolize eternal love and a couple’s deep connections with each other. The knot designs in these rings however, can vary.
For example, angular knots signify a strong foundation, or a couple with rock solid commitment for each other. Smooth knot designs on the other hand, signify harmony and comfort between couples. So as you can see, it pays to know about design and how it relates to your relationship to make the ring even more significant.

Where to Buy

Jewelry as you know, does not come cheap, which is why it pays to buy your ring from a store you can trust. Chose a store that’s reputable and known for providing excellent service so that your money actually goes a long way. More importantly, make sure the store you choose offers competitive prices. has its own version of Tiffany’s Celtic Knot Ring, this time crafted from sterling have. This must-have Tiffany-inspired knot ring is a classic that speaks volumes when it comes to romance, passion and commitment.

Celtic Knot Ring, Significance and Class in One

Celtic Knot Ring

If you are looking for a ring that symbolizes your eternal love and affection for your significant other, a Celtic knot ring is what you should be looking for. With its intricate lines and weaving design, the Celtic knot ring doesn’t just look fancy, it also comes with a lot of meaning behind it.

Celtic knot rings are imbued with so much meaning and symbolism, which is largely thanks to the people responsible for designing and crafting them. The knot design has significant meaning in Celtic Christianity; it is a symbol that signifies eternity, as the knots are intricately woven without any discernible end. As such, Celtic knot rings make for great wedding rings as their unique design serves as a special reminder about the eternal nature of a couple’s relationship—it essentially signifies a hope for a couple’s marriage to last for the rest of their lives.

Aside from having a lot of religious significance, the Celtic knot design on rings also has a beauty and elegance that is unrivaled. There is something about the weaving pattern, as well as the intricate knots and lines that give out beauty and grace—in short, the Celtic knot ring is simply stunning.

Yet despite the intricacy of the detail found in most Celtic knot rings, they are versatile enough to be worn with virtually any type of outfit and any occasion you can think of. Whether you’re going out for a stroll on the park, or going out for a night in town with your little black dress on, Celtic knot rings add that perfect dash of luxury and elegance only few jewelry pieces can offer. This is yet another reason why Celtic rings make for great wedding rings—they do not stick out on your hand and have the ability to blend in with just about any outfit you choose to wear.

If you are looking to tie the knot soon and have yet to start the long search for the perfect wedding ring, you should definitely consider Celtic knot rings—in fact, we recommend them to you. We at have our own version of Designer’s Celtic knot ring, this time coming in high quality sterling silver. This Celtic ring is a definitive must-have, with its classy, chic and fun look perfect for all types of occasions. This Designer-inspired gift not only looks great, it also comes with a highly attractive price tag, coming in at a fraction of a designer ring.

Get Married With A Sterling Silver Celtic Knot Ring

The title states it all and is very appropriate due to the widespread use of the sterling silver celtic knot ring for wedding rings.  The design’s popularity and the use of silver has some historical significance, in Ireland, to be specific. Nothing can be more fascinating than a thing of beauty and substance, which makes the ring so popular among those who are ready to commit to love and cherish always.According to writings, it all began in the 7th century and initially came out as an artform for the monks of this time. It then evolved into an expression of love and strength.  Today, the sterling silver celtic knot ring represents eternal love. Amazingly, by just taking a close look, you appear to see where it starts or end. It just flows endlessly, each one is aspiring for in marriage.The sterling silver celtic knot ring is also called a “forget me not ring”. The ring’s design symbolizes eternal love, which means love even beyond the grave.  It may be creepy? Not at all, people who are romantically inclined actually toy with the idea of keeping the relationship intact forever. It doesn’t mean living with a dead loved one but more of having him/her eternally remembered. Donning a “forget me not ring” keeps memories of your loved ones alive.Nothing can express love and dedication better other than a sterling silver celtic knot ring, and internalizing on what the design connotes: a commitment to love endlessly, a promise to cherish and to hold true to your pledge of loyalty to the person you are tying the knot with. Words are not necessary to express endless love. It’s no mystery why it is one of the designs of choice for wedding rings. Check out Posts:Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia RingsTiffany Replica RingsSterling Silver CZ RingsTiffany Knock Offs