sterling silver cubic zirconia

Holiday Freebies

Freebies come in a wide array of things that most customers would love to have as a gift for their loyalty coming from their favorite shops. It could be gadgets, bags, a set of knives, cash incentives, free hair cut, a bag of goodies, tickets, jewelry and anyone can get them without paying whatsoever. These valuable gifts excite customers which encourage them to shop for more items in order to get more of these freebies.

Free holiday stuffs are given away during special occasions. Now that Christmas is fast approaching, this is the perfect time to check out the best deals and grab them while stocks still last. Most shops prepare for this season and offer deals ahead of time to accommodate more customers. Avoid the rush and start looking for items with freebies. Find a nice selection of jewelry, home decors, appliances, or gadgets that you could give to family and friends. There are a ton of beautiful gifts available in the market or you can simply go online to shop if in case you have no time to personally head to the mall and look for gifts.

Everybody loves freebies. Who wouldn’t want to have free gifts? Most customers are after these free gifts not only because it’s free but because they believe that they deserve a little gift. These days, there are a lot of free great gifts online, all you have to do is learn where to find them. It is important to be cautious, check the item and quality of the product. If it’s good, then go grab it.

As you go online, you will find all sorts of products with freebies which never fails to please the customers. They just love it! Take advantage of these wonderful gifts that you can have without any charge. One of the most popular item that often comes with a free gift is jewelry. Probably, you have seen a set of sterling silver jewelry that comes with a free silver ring, bracelet, earring or necklace. This is a good example of an offer that you shouldn’t miss. It saves you cash and the extra gift that comes along with it can be given as a gift too! Just make sure that you are dealing with an established store for you to avoid freebies with damage . Waste no time and check out the newest holiday freebies. Take advantage of the exceptional freebies that your going to get upon acquiring an item.

Sparkling Fall Colors

If you are still stuck in black and whites, then it is time to shift into Fall’s fresh and sparkling colors. Jewel tones make the season more exciting and they look even better with contrasting textures and colors. The season’s vibrant color wheel includes emerald, plum, navy hue, bright yellow, bold fuschia, citron, eggplant, cobalt, claret red, rusts, sapphire blue, metallics, maroon, and gold tones. Wearing jewel tone combos will make any woman standout. Who cares about matching? Go ahead and play with colors.

Jewels play a big role. An outfit wouldn’t be complete without fun bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings. Since jewel tones are in, why not do a contrast? Your burgundy top will go along well with sterling silver jewelry with citron or lime tones. Yellows and burgundys make a good combination. Refreshing and youthful. Teens combine it chunky jewels but not everyone can pull this trend off. To be safe, choose silver jewels studded with yellow stones. The result, you get the same color combination without looking hippy. You’ll stay in style and sophisticated.

Take out your metallic emerald bag and plum top for a rich color compliment. Who said red and green are only meant to be worn during Christmas? Women often veer away from this color combination. Work the contrast and match it with leather bottom and nice pair of boots with shearling and you are ready to hit the town. Don’t forget to wear silver ruby rings or other bling blings that will make you sparkle this season. There are a ton of color combination that you could experiment, all you need to do is match and play with different shades that will instantly make you look fashionable.

The jewel tone combos may be a bit tricky for some, it can be a hit of miss so make sure you are wearing the right contrast. Forget about the grays because it’s time to shop for flirty dresses in jewel tone hues, hats made a huge comeback and grab accessories that you can use no matter what the season is just like sterling silver jewels. There are a ton of designs available and it will be easy for you to select the right pieces suitable for different occasions. You can give it as a gift too! Jewels with different stone shades are popular these days. Colorful rocks and beads enhance your style and make you look extraordinary. Make this holiday season merrier and go for sparkling fall colors.

Get Ready For Halloween

Both men and women look forward to fun and exciting occasions like Halloween. The styles change during this season and fashion forward individuals tend to experiment and go for trendy designs to look in. While blacks become in demand, accessories with gothic designs like bones, skulls, crosses and scary pieces are preferred by shoppers to achieve a scary look and feel. There may be plenty of designs available to choose from like skull necklaces, oversized silver crosses, bats, pumpkin or coffins but some are not too daring to wear such styles so they seek for elegantly designed jewelry that could also pass for spooky parties.

This year, cross sideways necklaces, conventional cross necklaces, Halloween inspired jewelry in silver tone are becoming popular. The designs are not screaming but eye-catching and suitable for the occasion. Some are studded with cubic zirconia stones while some are plain and still beautiful despite of the simplicity. Mix and match silver rings, necklaces, bracelets and earrings with designs that go along well. Charms are nice addition too! Spiders, crossbones, crosslink, snakes and swords are also fun and interesting designs are perfect for Halloween parties.

Everyone tries to find a good costume but it wouldn’t be complete without scary accessories. Silver jewelry with spooky designs can complete a certain look enough for party freaks to get noticed instantly. The good news is that it is easy to shop for appropriate silver jewelry. Most of it can be found online and purchasing one or several pieces is hassle free for it can be delivered right at your doorstep. This way, you’ll have more time to prepare and make your costume scarier and interesting. Admit it or not, the costumes are becoming more realistic than ever which makes it trickier and quite challenging for costume makers.

What surprises fashionistas is the affordable cost of silver jewelry. A complete set with your favorite accent and design costs cheap so you can go for more pieces and share it with your friends and loved one. This way, you can party all night and look in style for less. A jewel doesn’t have to be expensive especially if the design can only pass for one occasion. It is still best to be practical and have jewelry that can be worn again and again. A simple mix and match will do the trick to make it like a new one. Get ready for Halloween, this is the perfect time to see the latest designs and get great deals online to earn big savings.

CZ Jewelry – Facts Revealed

CZ also known as cubic zirconia is a man-made gemstone that resembles diamonds. It is an inexpensive alternative to diamonds and tagged as diamonique because of its qualities that replicates diamonds but at a fraction of the cost. Cubic zriconia have been known since 1937 and recently manufacturers made it harder, durable and radiant to achieve a near-diamond qualities. Some are intrigued what is this the difference between a cz and a diamond? Cz weighs more than a real diamond but diamond is harder than cz. Because of their similarities, it is not easy to identify which one is real or not. The grade or quality of cubic zirconia can be determined by its four main factors : carat, cut, clarity and color only a gemologist can tell the difference of a cz from a diamond.

Cubic zirconia is widely used in creating and designing jewelry called cz jewelry. It can be turned into cz rings and the best thing about it is it can replicate any gemstone. By simply adding a splash of vibrant hues, it can look like a real amethyst, ruby, emerald and any other precious stone you wish. Engagement rings these days often have cubic zirconia these are cheaper options rather than purchasing a real diamond that costs a fortune. This is a perfect alternative if you can’t afford the cost of diamonds, only people who are in the upper class can afford its cost which is quite unfair for average individuals. Good thing cubic zirconia costs less, this is a great news to all the women out there.

Women who adore necklaces will surely love cz necklaces. There are various desings of necklaces but a necklace with cubic zirconia stands out among the rest. Why? Because cz has clarity and dazzles like a real diamond, match it with a pair of cz earrings and you’ll shine like no other. While for arm candy lovers, cz bangles will fascinate women who prefer to wear bangles than ordinary strands of bracelets or the much talked about silly bracelets. For a sophisticated look, bangles are embellished with cubic zirconia to achieve a high voltage of shine without the expensive price. Today, you can find jewelry accented with cubic zirconia that comes if fashionable hues, unique design which makes them more attractive and appealing to women who can’t resist pretty accessories. And with its reasonable price, there is no reason why women wouldn’t want to have these jewelry.

Elegant Holiday Earrings

Sterling silver earrings are highly patronized by women of all ages. A pair of earrings can instantly enhance the beauty of the wearer. There are several types of earrings, stud earrings, dangling earrings, hoop earrings, clip earrings accented with different stones and made from a variety of materials. Women have different tastes when it comes to jewelry, some like it big or colorful while some stick to the basics. As you see different collections, it will not be complete without a pair of elegant earrings. How will you define elegant?

Thesaurus says that elegant refers to exquisite, tasteful, stylish, fine, fashionable and graceful. The word elegant sounds expensive and not your ordinary mentos earrings. Having a pair of elegant earrings these days is not so hard because of the wide selection of sterling silver earrings available online. Elegant earrings are usually made up of fine and luxurious materials like diamonds, pearls, gold, platinum and others. Since these materials are expensive, only a few can afford to buy it. Good thing knockoffs are available, you can find them anywhere and the cost is really cheap. This is a thrift way to acquire an elegant pair of earrings for the holidays.

Designer inspired earrings are becoming a favorite of women who adore the famous brand. The cost is affordable and the style is close to the original. The elegant line of designer inspired earrings will please women who have a fine taste when it comes to jewelry. Now, women are allowed to shop freely without worrying about the cost, they can go shopping without feeling guilty. But still you have to watch your expenses, don’t let the abundance of sterling silver earrings overwhelm you, use it to find what you really want and need.

If you intend to give it as a gift, you need to get to know the personality or style of the person you are going to give. Check if she is allergic to any sorts of metals, if she is, you need to find a pair that is designed for sensitive skin or nickel free, some people have allergic reactions to other metals. Also, you need to find out the style that they prefer, like stud earrings, hoops or dangling. Once you have found out what they like, you can start browsing on websites that sell sterling silver earrings. You can also check the new arrivals to see the latest trend. Earrings are made to suit each individual and with the wide selection of earrings today, there is no reason why you can’t find a perfect pair that will truly make you stand out.

Tennis Bracelets: Perfect Jewelry for the Holidays

Christmas is coming and as the days get shorter people rush to shop and check out cool bargains for their last minute shopping. While there are several items on sale, which among these will you buy? It would be time saving if you have a list of presents that you want to buy, this way you don’t have to go around and search desperately for items. Having a specific gift in mind makes it easier for you to shop which saves you time and effort.

This year one of the phenomal gifts is tennis bracelets with cubic zirconia in different width, size and tones. Silver tennis bracelets are simple yet elegant jewelry suitable for all types of occasion. Tennis bracelets are available in various designs, it is easy to match because of its simplicity. Musicians like Taylor Swift wore a tennis bracelet and she looked good! The fans loved her, her music, style, and beauty mesmerized both young and adults. Aside from her talent in singing, she has this youthful, fresh and elegant fashion sense. No wonder why replicas of her tennis bracelet is commonly seen online available in single, double and triple row. This holiday season it would be a perfect holiday gift for women.

Lately, more shoppers find sterling silver bracelets as a good gift idea. Why search for gadgets that easily becomes outdated? Gadgets are cool but the continuous change in tecnology makes it hard for everyone to treasure it. Who would keep an outdated phone? Unlike jewelry, it is always in fashion and wearble in any occasion. It doesn’t matter what year it is, it can be worn over and over again which is why more people buy it as a gift or keep it as an investment.

Tennis bracelets are not just simple jewelry, behind these beautiful bracelets are hidden messages that can easily be expressed by giving it to your special someone. It symbolizes love, romance and eternity unlike other sterling silver bracelets that are intended only for fashion. Tennis bracelets are meaningful gifts which are truly appreciated by women of all ages whether it’s for your wife, girlfriend or special someone it would be a great holiday gift that will be remembered and treasured forever. This is the best time to buy tennis bracelets while some are still on sale, check out the latest designs. Make your special someone extremely happy this holiday season by giving her a gorgeous tennis bracelet.

Drop Earrings – Holiday Gift Ideas

Choosing a Christmas gift is quite challenging especially if you’re on a tight budget and you are clueless on what to give. Well, you can simply shop for shirts, bags or shoes but wouldn’t it be too common? You probably had given these stuff last year, why not buy new holiday gifts like sterling silver earrings?

Jewelry are considered as one of the top gift choices appropriate for both men, women and suitable for all ages. This is one holiday gift idea that is always included on wish lists. Who wouldn’t want to receive divine gifts like drop earrings? Jewelry are special holiday gifts, these are a perfect option for those who are too lazy to wrap gifts and those who don’t have the talent to wrap gifts. One example is purchasing sterling silver earrings, it often comes in a box with a ribbon so you don’t have to worry about wrapping it because you can hand it to your friends, loved ones or family as it is. It saves you time, effort and money for gift wrappers and fancy ribbons.

Sterling silver earrings are not to mention are much affordable than gold this is the reason why most women prefer silver jewels rather than gold. You can have high quality silver earrings by dealing only with a reputable and established online or retail shop. This way you can have gorgeous sterling silver earrings in various designs, colors and shapes. Drop earrings are available in different styles and lengths, you just have to pick the right one that will make an appeal to the person you are planning to give. Consider also the shape of the face, some have round, oval, square and heart shaped face based on this you can easily select a good pair that will match not only her outfits but also the shape of her face.

Holidays are best spent if there are lovely gifts to share these are special times of the year where family and friends bond and exchange gifts. This is an example of a traditional Christmas while some prefer cash rather than fancy gift items, still many appreciate sterling silver earrings as gift. Nobody can resist gifts like drop earrings that can be worn either in casual or formal occasions. It is pretty amazing how fast time flies, spend the holidays with dazzling gifts that can last a lifetime and can be treasured forever. Make this year memorable by give away extraordinary gifts like sterling silver earrings.

Cubic Zirconia Earrings

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. Every girl should have at least one diamond jewelry piece but the cost of real diamonds often make this impossible, not anymore.  With the abundance and affordability of  cubic zirconia every girl can now afford a dazzling diamond jewelry. A cubic zirconia or a CZ is a man-made stone that looks exactly like a real diamond, it is also known as “diamonique” because it is the closest alternative to authentic diamond jewelry. The best part is that it looks exactly the same as the real thing that often it takes a jeweler to tell the difference!  Cubic zirconia It can pass for a real diamond, but can be purchased at a fraction of the cost.

Jewelers use cubic zirconia to create beautiful yet affordable accessories. They use it as an accent on earrings, necklaces, bracelets and anklets. The CZ is so popular because it looks as good as real diamonds, it has the same glitter and glamour as the real thing.

CZ is highly patronized by people who live and breathe fashion. Earrings with cubic zirconia like Vintage Gardenia CZ Earings exude elegance and class. Women of all ages like these classic pieces. The style is vintage and a good choice for those who don’t want to make a fashion error. Women have different preferences when it comes to jewelry, some want glamorous cz earrings, some like chandelier earrings, drop earrings, hoop earrings while others opt for the classic silver earrings with cubic zirconia. There is a wide array of silver cz earrings today and women can select and pick what appeals to them.

Unlike diamonds, cubic zirconia can be turned into precious stones like ruby, sapphire, emerald, aquamarine, turquoise, topaz, and others. This is achieved by simply adding a splash of color during the production process the cubic zirconia can look like real precious gems. This is why jewelers prefer cubic zirconia over other faux precious stones, its not only versatile and beautiful but it is a cheap way to produce magnificent jewelry in different hues.

White cubic zirconia looks absolutely fabulous with silver, it has that ethereal look that appeals to women of all ages. A sterling silver jewelry with cubic zirconia will definitely look great with any outfit.  Women who cannot afford the price tag of diamond jewelry chose to wear something that resembles to it like cubic zirconia. It has clarity and sparkles like real diamonds but totally cheaper than the real ones.

Sterling Silver Cubic Zirconia Jewelry – Choose The Perfect Stone

By Mike CookeIf you are the type who continuously collects a sterling silver zirconia jewelry stone to add into your collection then you could be somebody who wants a jewelry with a lot of flash and glitter. There are several things that you need to seriously consider before making the purchase: like matching it to your existing jewelry pieces; the size of the CZ stone that will look best on you; the cut and color of the gemstone; the style matching your personality and of course the cost. This article discusses the main considerations when choosing sterling silver cubic zirconia jewelry.The ShapeThis is very important due to the fact that the stone in your sterling silver zirconia jewelry will be the focus of attention when people notice it. The cut also influences the general appearance of the sterling silver jewelry. Ensure that the the shape is in harmony with the design of the base. An intricately designed filigreed piece will not look good with an equally complex cut stone. For this type of designs you can have small round cut stone and strategically place them for a balanced look. However round cut stones will look boring if matched with a plain band ring. For such instances a more flamboyant cut like the rosette or the trapezoid is going to look extraordinary.The ColorAnother important thing to consider when selecting your sterling silver zirconia jewelry is the color of the stone.  Everyone agrees, the white splendor of the diamond is unmatched and it is just great that you can always have a replica in cubic zirconia with all the brilliance and sparkle less the huge expense of course. Cubic zirconia can also come in a variety of exciting colors, and in various shades too. It can be a clear blue like a baby’s eyes or deep and dark like the ocean at night. It can also mimic the actual color of any chosen gem with shades that range from the lightest to the darkest, since cubic zirconia is created in laboratories there is no boundary in the available colors to choose from.The PricePrice is the best selling point of sterling silver cubic zirconia jewelry.  If you compare the price of a white cubic zirconia to a diamond the price difference could be an astounding 98%. The difference in price does not translate proportionately in the appearance department. In fact they are so much alike that only a trained gemologist will be able to tell them apart, and there are times they require viewing instruments to tell which is which. Of course, the price of cubic zirconia varies depending on the size, cut and color.Looking for a perfect sterling silver cubic zirconia jewelry to add to your collection? Visit and dazzle your eyes with dozens of excellently crafted sterling silver jewelries.